Honda Forza 750

motorcycles with a very horizontal in-line twin-cylinder engine and a concept slightly different from anything known, low revs but very reliable and very low cost. The DCT dual-clutch shifter also came with them. They then evolved into the NC750, which is already in its second generation. Let's discuss this.
Engine and Transmission
No. of Cylinders
6-speed dual clutch transmission
Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension
41mm upside down fork,120mm stroke
Rear Suspension
Monoshock damper, Pro-Link swingarm, 120mm travel
Dimensions and Capacity
Fuel Capacity
Saddle Height
Ground Clearance
Kerb Weight
Battery Capacity
Tail Light
Tyres and Brakes
Tyre Size
120/70-R17M/C (58H)
Tyre Type
160/60-R15M/C (67H)
Wheel Size
Multi-Spoke Aluminium Cast 17M/C x MT3.50
Wheels Type
Multi-Spoke Aluminium Cast 15M/C x MT4.50
Front Brake
310mm double hydraulic disc with radial 4-piston caliper
Rear Brake
240mm single hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper

Honda Forza 750

750 engine, although as we will see in this case it was used to make some tweaks, “motorbike” chassis with “real” rear suspension with aluminum swingarm and chain drive. The wheels are 15 inches behind (to have space for a helmet under the seat) and a 17-inch front (to have motorcycle behavior). The fairing is more aggressive or sporty than that of the X-ADV and the engine, as I mentioned, changes enough to have its own personality, capable of going up a little more laps and giving a good 58 CV at only 6750 rpm (limitable for A2 license ). 

Its unique Forza design with full LED lighting and integrated turn signals makes it unique. Pilot comfort is ensured by its driving position and its highly protective screen. The front end with 19″ rims, 41mm inverted forks and Nissin radial calipers with its 315mm double brake discs delight both city and highway riders.

Through the (very complete and with Bluetooth) TFT screen this engine that now has an electronic accelerator can be configured in various parameters. The easy thing is to choose an original mode (Normal, Rain or Sport) but there is another customizable one: you will be able to choose the power level, how the transmission works, the traction control. and the engine really changes a lot of character as we will soon see. Two criticisms, apart from the mirrors that are not convincing: with an electronic accelerator, I do not understand why they have not put cruise control on the Forza. honda showroom.

And the other thing that surprised me negatively was the capacity of the gasoline tank, supposedly 13 liters (which is not much) but after traveling more kilometers in reserve than I like (more than 30), I could only put 10 liters … Either the reserve is very (very) alarmist, or less than 13 liters fit in total. Since it spends little (it's easy to be around 4 liters) you can go over 200 km without a problem, but it could be many more. And I would say that previous generations of this engine still spent less.

New Honda Forza 750 Travel - The Coolest Scooter

As I pointed out and it is obvious from the photos, Honda lent us not one, but two Forza 350 for this test, which I was testing with my partner Marisa. At first glance, you will say "it's the same bike"... well, no! In addition to the accessories, there is another factor that gives each one a very different character: leave the sporty-looking one with its screen down in Sport mode. And leave the suitcases in Standard or Rain mode. Well, that magic potion is enough to get Doctor Jeckyll to become Mr Hyde.

In quiet mode, the DCT gearbox works like when you're riding a motorcycle without rushing or wanting to run: you shift quickly and precisely but with low engine revs. If you need to move fast (overtaking or fun time) you go down a gear (with this engine more than one is very rare), something that does if you open the throttle or you can provoke faster by pressing the left pineapple button, and everything flows like the silk.

If you "drink the potion" to see the Mr Hyde side (Sport mode) the touch of the gas becomes more immediate, the engine revs up more, and things happen that make your heart race like arriving at a curve (or roundabout). and brake, the motorcycle (by itself) reduces several gears by hitting the gas.

Honda Forza 750 price in bd

Honda Forza 750 price in bd 11,60,124. One of the differential characteristics of the Forza compared to its competitors is the change system. Unlike them, the Forza is equipped with a six-speed gearbox that can be used in automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode it changes at different revolutions, depending on the selected engine "map" and in manual mode you operate the change with your left hand.

Windshields for Honda Forza 750 scooter

Go back to the previous paragraph and you will see that I slipped… “the motorcycle”. But wasn't the Forza a scooter? Well, too: its automatic transmission, its space (more with suitcases) and its space to carry protected feet allow comfortable daily use without almost worrying about whether it will rain tomorrow or not. In daily use, its running smoothness, low consumption, even low noise, good protection with the standard screen... whether you go alone or accompanied, it is a luxury. And I see myself going on a trip with him too, no problem, and I would say “no rush” but the truth is that he keeps cruises at the limit of losing points (150 km/h) without a problem, even with a passenger.

It also has a precise, “motorbike” feel. I was surprised how easily you can take the front wheel to step where you want, to the centimeter. And changing sides, despite the "big" appearance of the Forza 750, is practically instinctive: agile and fast, all it takes is a small movement of the handlebars. It is stable, it is not that it has a huge top speed, but it reaches a "criminal" speed in favorable conditions and continues to maintain a faithful line... very good!

With "the sports" (which accessories apart is a matter of applying Dr Jeckyll's potion and going into Sport mode) all this becomes arguments to be able to ride at a very good pace, and have fun at their controls. You have to lean a lot to find your limits and the traction control is very little intrusive (you get to skid gently if the ground slips and you insist with your right fist). The only thing that convinced me less while driving it is that despite the changes to the engine (lightened on the inside) it is still noticeable that it is a low-rev engine:

it is uncomfortable, opening the throttle fully makes an intake noise that is not very sporty (even ugly ), if it is revved up it sometimes retains too much, making handling between curves less fluid for example. It is true that with a touch on the cam you go to another gear (longer in this case), but it is clear that the Forza In itself, it pulls more towards the GT side (in this it scores very high in everything) than the sports car, where it scores less.

The Motorcycle In Detail

Windshield Screen

The Forza with suitcases had the standard one, which is very high, while the other mounted the optional short "sports" one. If you are not very tall, the second one protects, but the standard one is almost perfect (if it were adjustable, ideal).

Smart Key

The proximity key works perfectly and is very comfortable and safe, it's a pity that the suitcases need physical (the rear trunk does open electronically).

Instrument Panel

The TFT screen has good visibility and offers a lot of information, in fact the options are almost endless and it's hard to learn all of them, plus via Bluetooth and intercom it still gives more of itself. But better this way, learn it and take advantage of it.

Side Deflectors

You had to look at both motorcycles, or know it, to realize that they had those deflectors mounted. But when we had a less good day than the one in the photos, they were noticeable: they divert wind (and rain) very well.


In addition to the obvious panniers on the "GT" or the low screen on the "Sport", and the aforementioned deflectors, the motorcycles had some other accessories: the backrest of the sports bike is appreciated by a possible passenger, and the mechanized details (tips of handlebars, handbrake and something else) are a whim. All that, remember, is manufactured here.

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