Honda Forza 350

First, the new Honda Forza 350 2023 scooter comes with a modern and very futuristic look. In that sense, it has powerful strong features and a large fairing shield. In addition, its windshield is large and highly efficient. Thus, the scooter also has a powerful 350 cc engine, which makes the motorcycle stand out in the market.
Engine and Transmission
Self Start Only
Max Torque
Liquid Cooled
No. of Cylinders
Features and Safety
Instrument Console
Analogue and Digital
Seat Type
Dual Channel
Charging Point
Passenger Footrest
Charging at Home
Charging at Charging Station
Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Twin Shock
Dimensions and Capacity
755 mm
2140 mm
1470 mm
Fuel Capacity
11.7 L
Saddle Height
780 mm
Ground Clearance
135 mm
1510 mm
Total Weight
184 kg
Kerb Weight
184 kg
Battery Capacity
12 V/8.6 Ah
Tail Light
Turn Signal Lamp
LED Tail Lights
Low Oil Indicator
1.7 l
Low Fuel Indicator
Tyres and Brakes
Tyre Size
Front :- 120/70-15 Rear :-140/70-14
Wheel Size
Front :-381 mm,Rear :-355.6 mm
Wheels Type
Cast Aluminium
Front Brake
Rear Brake
Front Brake Diameter
256 mm
Rear Brake Diameter
240 mm
Radial Tyre

Honda Forza 350

Honda Forza 350 look of sporty mid-range GT scooter has been given an elegant and refined refresh for 23YM. An updated dashboard and two new, contemporary color schemes complete the novelties. Standard equipment includes the enhanced Smart Power+ (eSP+) engine, traction control via HSTC, an electronically adjustable windshield, USB Type C charging port, storage space for two full-face helmets, full LED lighting and control via Smart Key.

The 350 connects to the rider's smartphone via the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System to access a variety of functions. The system will be compatible with both IOS and Android for 23YM. In addition, it has a high liquid cooling technology, which emits about 79g/km of Co2. So, all the specifications I placed the 350 2023 within the EURO5 homologation standards, referring to the pollution tax of European cars. Finally, the motorcycle has a maximum power of 29.23 at 7,500 rpm, the maximum responsive torque of overwhelming 3.21 kgf.m at 5,250 rpm. Thus, the transmission of the model is an automatic CVT type, and operates with a V-belt for the final transmission, in addition to having an electric starter. Honda Forza 350 2023 showroom.

For 2023, it is produced in two new colors, Pearl Siena Red and Matt Robust Gray Metallic, while Matt Pearl Pacific Blue with new Bronze wheels, Matt Cynos Gray Metallic and Pearl Falcon Gray remain in the range. The TFT screen has been redesigned and now offers an analog display for the speedometer and tachometer with a digital panel that can be switched to three views: Odometer, range, consumption, in odometer, average consumption and journey time, and finally, at operating temperature and battery indicator.

Consumption of the Honda Forza 350

Certainly, the consumption detail attracts the curiosity of many drivers. Especially when we talk about motorcycles. According to tests carried out by itself, the Forza 350 2023 makes an average of 29 km / l, both in the city and on the road.

In this sense, the tank has a capacity of 11.7 liters, offering the scooter an incredible autonomy of 339 km with a full tank. Therefore, the motorcycle operates only on gasoline and has an electronic injection system.

Honda Forza 350 gets design updates and new colors

At first, the 350 2023 scooter has four colors in its portfolio, which are: Blue Metallic Jeans; Candy Chromosphere Red; Mat Beta Silver Metallic; Graphite Black. In addition, the model has several systems and technologies that make it unique in the market. Thus, one of its most powerful competitors within the brand is the X-ADV 750, which also has a strong thruster.

Forza 350 2023 price italy

Honda Forza 350 price Italy of 6,195. engine 330 cc. produces 21.6 kW peak power with 31.9 Nm of torque Enhanced Smart Power+ (eSP+) technology gives a consumption of 3.33 l/100 km (30 km/l) (WMTC mode) Extensive technologies to reduce friction make the eSP+ engine a powerful power source that also has less impact on the environment. The 330 cc single overhead camshaft, four-valve petrol injection engine produces a peak power output of 21.6 kW at 7,500 rpm. Peak torque is 31.9 Nm at 5,250 rpm. The top speed is 137 km/h. From a standstill, the 350 sprints 200 m in 10.4 seconds.

Honda Forza 350 2023 price singapore

350 2023 price Singapore is 12599. Bore is 77mm with 70.7mm stroke. The compression ratio is 10.5:1. The rolling rocker arm, sleeve bearing crankshaft and closed crankcase provide long-lasting reliability and powerful performance. For improved cooling of the pistons, an oil spray sprays oil straight to the back of the piston, just like on the CRF450R. This advances the ignition timing and improves the combustion result. The oil capacity is 1.8 liters.

The 5.5 liter capacity airbox feeds the 36mm diameter throttle body. The intake port now draws in air more efficiently due to the created 'tumbling flow' inside the cylinder. As a result, the gasoline ignites in a more consistent manner. The exhaust gases are sent out through a straight exhaust port. To reduce the resistance of the exhaust fumes, the rear silencer is divided into two chambers.

Honda Forza 350 2023 price france

France price is 7759. A 5mm offset cylinder, hydraulic cam chain tensioner and flush pump reduce internal friction. The pump, also used on performance machines, reduces the internal pressure of the block, reduces oil movement and pumping losses and reduces internal rotational friction. A balancer shaft reduces vibration and contributes to a smooth, enjoyable driving experience

Honda Forza 350 2023 price Thailand

Forza 350 price TBH 1,79,000. The automatic centrifugal clutch operates the V-MATIC shift mechanism (with the ratios tuned for nimble low-speed response and smart acceleration) and the final drive belt.

Honda Forza 350 2023 USA Price

350 2023 price is usa $7999. The engine block is equipped with the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). This system detects any difference in speed between the front and rear tires and calculates wheel slip. It then adjusts the engine torque delivered through the injection system to regain rear-wheel traction. You can also switch off the HSTC via a control on the left handlebar. A flashing 'T' on the digital dashboard indicates when the system comes into effect.

Honda Forza 350 2023 UK

On The Road Price uk £5,799.00. Fuel consumption is an extremely economical 3.33 l/100 km (30 km/l) in WMTC mode. With a petrol capacity of 11.5 litres, this gives a range of more than 340 km.

Honda Forza 350 2023 price in Bangladesh

350 2023 price in Bangladesh 4,00000. Short wheelbase with sharp steering geometry ∙Compact dimensions and a practical saddle height ∙Cast aluminum wheels: 15 inch at the front, 14 inch at the rear. A sturdy but lightweight steel tube frame forms the basis for the confidence-inspiring ride of the 350 bike. The wheelbase is 1,510 mm, head tube angle 26.5° and trail 89 mm. The radiator is located in front of the petrol tank, which ensures better cooling. The battery is located between the petrol tank and the storage space under the seat and thus shifts the mass to the center. The curb weight is 184 kg.

How much is the Honda Forza worth?

The 2023 Forza 350 is currently trading for €6,225.00 in Europe. In this sense, it is expected that it will be sold here at around R$47,000.00, with launches to take place between August and September.

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