Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing Tour 2023

Such an impeccable design deserves a super powerful engine, doesn't it? In this sense, we can say that the Gold Wing Tour engine is a work of art of modern engineering. In this way, it is perfect for travel thanks to its 1,833 displacement, with 6 horizontal cylinders and 24 SOHC valves. In addition, it has liquid cooling.
Engine and Transmission
Integrated Starter Generator system
No. of Cylinders
7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission with forward and reverse (DCT)
Features and Safety
Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth Audio and Apple CarPlay / Android auto
Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension
Double Wishbone
Rear Suspension
Pro Link
Dimensions and Capacity
Fuel Capacity
21.1 litres
Saddle Height
Ground Clearance
Kerb Weight
367kg (DCT)
Battery Capacity
Tail Light
Low Oil Indicator
5.6 l (DCT)
Tyres and Brakes
Tyre Size
130/70R18 M/C
Tyre Type
200/55R16 M/C
Wheel Size
18M/C x MT3.5
Wheels Type
16M/C x MT6.0
Front Brake
320mm x 4.5mm dual hydraulic disc with 6-piston calliper, floating rotors and sintered metal pads
Rear Brake
316mm x 11mm ventilated disc with 3-piston calliper and sintered metal pads

Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing Tour 2023

One edge of the world, A motorcycle like this is designed to live for generations of 10 to 15 years before moving on to the next. During this time, some things can be optimized, updated, adapted from better to excellent. the price of Gold Wing GL1800 in Bangladesh is BDT 2,007,600.

It is in 2023 that the GL receives a system to monitor tire pressure. The information is displayed in the dashboard, left side.

A little before, in 2021, Honda had offered him a little touch of pleasure in addition. An improved audio system with new speakers Other bonuses were and are for the Tour version - seat cover, larger top box, better passenger comfort. Going back a little in time, we see the Goldwing being equipped with the DCT box in 2020. Almost obvious for this type of ship. We will see later how it works.

the GL1800 Gold Wing New colours for - engine

Listening only to pleasure for its engine, Honda has reworked the injection to make it more flexible at low speed. On board electronics, two USB sockets instead of one are on board and the navigation has been updated with the possibility of recording 99 points of interest. Finally, the passenger handles are enlarged. Honda XL750 Transalp  and Honda CB500x 2023 engine is very good.

This predisposition to comfort suits in every way the presence of this generous princess of the road. Watch out for your request when you make it. Before she becomes your lady, consider calling out to her without slurring her name. Since her spectacular redesign, Miss Gold has changed her identity somewhat. If previously you designed it with a large rear trunk, you will have to make your advances to the Goldwing Tour. Not à la Goldwing 'tout court', now the bagger version.
From now on, on the net or in dealerships, its original name will take you here, to its refined definition. The GL 1800 Goldwing deploys new wings, with a variable geometry wingspan.

Honda GL 1800 GOLDWING DCT 2023

The Honda GL is a formidable very big which has not met with the expected success. The GL seems to have learned from this lesson. Always bigger would only have a time. Its new generation is more compact, lighter, more technological, and surprising in more ways than one.

Imposing, always. The Honda must respect a presence linked to its history. But with its more reasonable measurements, the absence of a chest and this less elusive profile, the solemnity is no longer present.
It feels from appearance to function. The fairing thinks of channeling airflow rather than protecting the crew at all costs.

An electric bubble, smaller than on the Tour version, makes it possible to modulate the tactical efficiency of the bow. For the seat, we remain in the top of the range. For freight, it's another salad. Already the Tower has reduced the sail area to reduce the total volume it can carry to 110 litres! We will have to spare the choice of business to take for the weekend. The two suitcases will not offer the same comfort as the F6B. From 51 liters per hold, the Gold only offers 30 liters.

Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing Bagger

We weren't looking to go long anyway. This GL 'bagger' is intended for light travel as well as velvety. A Cornice for the side of the roads. With a completely revised engine to perpetuate the dignity of this dynasty. You only suffer from a generous hand of steel to lift the rock? The 6-cylinder will do it with a breath of greater magnitude. The engine manufacturers have kept the architecture, the volume, the layout. and improved everything else. Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing Tour 2023 showrooms.

The cylinder heads house twice as many valves, ie 4 per cylinder. The engine itself has lost 6.2 kilos, is more than 3 cm shorter, gained 8 horsepower and a little torque. It can be controlled under 4 control surfaces thanks to a massive supply of electronics. Riding Modes affect engine response, brake distribution and suspension settings. Because the Goldwing, like the Tour version, now has controlled damping – but not semi-active.

In the standard mode, called 'Tour', the acceleration corresponds exactly to the movement of the throttle grip. Braking and suspensions are calibrated in a homogeneous format.

Let's go to 'Sport' to get quicker acceleration, firmer suspensions, and more rear-focused braking.

'Econ' mode seeks to save fuel by increasing the throttle grip/engine response ratio and places the brakes and suspensions in standard configuration.

Finally, the 'Rain' mode justifies its name by an even higher handle/motor ratio, standard braking and its softened suspensions.

Honda GL 1800 Goldwing bagger version The robotized gearbox is installed quietly between the engine and the road. A gem of technique and complexity, equipped with 7 gears, a double clutch and a large dose of silicon to operate with smoothness and efficiency. As with the Tour model, it has been optimized with shorter first gears to limit jerks. Subsequent gears are longer to decrease engine speed. Honda CL500 Scrambler bike good engine.

As seen above, Riding Modes change the dynamic behavior of the bike. But they had an influence on the action of the double clutch and on the passage of the reports.

- In automatic mode, the 'Tour' mode causes the clutch to act on its standard setting and the gears are changed over a wide rev range;

- On the other hand, in 'Rain' Mode, the clutch is more progressive and the shifting of gears is distributed between low and high speeds;

- In 'Econ', the clutch is also progressive while the gears change to low or medium revs;

- The 'Sport' plays on its name so that the clutch is more direct and that the gears go for the mid and high revs.

Of course, just switch to manual (MT) to regain control of the box.

To facilitate manoeuvring, an electric reverse gear is renewed in its prerogatives.

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Tour Accent Light

In addition to the engine, the auto box and its senatorial side, this bagger is also appreciated with its on-board equipment. A beautiful 7-inch color TFT screen takes pride of place, displaying data on the sound system, navigation, suspension settings, and other technical data. A panel of small digital screens provides information on priority driving data. Fortunately, everything has not been drowned in digital and the essentials (speed and rpm) are broadcast with two beautiful needle counters.

Gold Wing Tour ABS - Honda UK

With all this, Honda is catching up technically in the field of comfort and entertainment. For the engine, we do not seem to worry about the six-in-line of the K 1600 GT of the Honda EM1 e; the engine optimizations do not go in the direction of a mechanical confrontation but of a personal improvement. Nevertheless.

However, some engineers must have been amazed by the Duolever front axle of the 21st century K series, itself inspired by the Fior process. Both Germans and Japanese are right to adopt this front axle system, which has great qualities for a touring machine.

With its double wishbone fork, the latest generation GoldWing promises to be easier to steer, more agile, with a smoother train in its movement. The Japanese engineers took advantage of the redesign to review the frame and lighten it, redesign the swingarm, modify the ABS, and congratulate themselves on an astonishing result on the scale. The silhouette has become more refined, the balance confirms the look. When the F6B announced 384 kilos, the Goldwing plummets to 367. A flick for such a beast? An effort to be commended given the work accomplished? About twenty kilos is the weight of a cinder block. Grab one under your arm and walk around the block; you will see this figure differently after this mini-challenge. Honda CB1000R 2024 performs very well like this Bike. Again in 2023, Honda company released many new models such as Honda CB500F 2023, Honda CB500x 2023, Honda CBR650R 2023, Honda Rebel 1100T 2023 etc. models which are great.

The GoldWing, whether standard (bagger) or Tour (road craft), marks an important step in its evolution. There is enough to lose its marks there. Much richer, much lighter, more brazen than the F6B, the bike seems to have been built under a desire for dynamism that is almost too pronounced. Simple question of point of view, the obliging pullman having given way to a virtuous GT discovery. GL1800 Gold Wing Tour 2023 price us no yet.

Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing Tour 2023 germany

Honda Gl 1800 goldwing. 13,460 €

2৳ TK
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