Honda X-ADV 2023

Displacement 745
Kerb Weight 236kg
Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V/11AH
Starting Electric
Engine and Transmission

Features and Safety
Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension

41mm USD,153.5mm fork stroke (137mm axle travel)
Rear Suspension

Monoshock damper, Pro-Link swingarm, 150mm axle travel (53mm cushion stroke)
Dimensions and Capacity
Fuel Capacity

13.2 litres
Saddle Height

Ground Clearance


Kerb Weight

Battery Capacity

Tail Light
Tyres and Brakes
Wheel Size
Spoke wheel
Wheels Type

17M/C x MT3.50,15M/C x MT4.50
Front Brake
296mm dual discs with 4-piston calipers
Rear Brake

240mm single disc with single-piston caliper

Honda X-ADV 2023

The 2023 X-ADV is equipped with a 745cc twin-cylinder and a DCT system. It exists for adventure travel. Compared to the old model, it has a much lighter design update. With sharp new look lines, it's even wilder and more technical., and has become a unique large two-wheeler model with versatile riding functions, and the car has three colors to choose from: Sports White, Matte Black and Dark Marl. . Honda X-ADV 2023 Price in Bangladesh is 1,424,905.

Its appearance is designed with a large number of LED lights combined with the light weight of the frame and sharp lines, it shows a more wild and technical style and the versatile riding function allows the owner to experience the latest Honda unique two-wheel life. High-end two-wheelers exist for versatile cycling life. It is equipped with a 745cc parallel twin-cylinder water-cooled and DCT dual-clutch system and adds 5 riding modes. All electronic controls can be controlled via grip buttons and the 5-inch TFT full-color instrument cluster is matched and adjusted. Honda Forza 350 very good parformance.

Along with mode switching, ABS and DCT gearboxes will have different intervention levels and up/down shift times, which can meet the needs of different road conditions. Car owner. Newly launched mobile phone linkage system and keyless system, which add convenience to long-distance travel and urban commuting.

Honda X-ADV 2023 engine

Thanks to its design, the liquid-cooled 8-valve inline two-cylinder SOHC engine of the X-ADV model offers high dynamics at low and medium revs. The engine architecture with a relatively large stroke and the special shape of the combustion chamber, together with a crankshaft with high inertia, produce high torque values ​​from low revs. The forward tilt of the lowers the machine's center of gravity and contributes to its optimal stability. The maximum power figure is 43.1 kW at 6,750 rpm, while the maximum torque reaches 69 Nm at 4,750 rpm. From a speed of 30 km/h, the X-ADV accelerates to 20 meters in 1.7 seconds, to 50 meters in 3.2 seconds, and to 60 km/h, the powerful operating at only 2,500 rpm.

A 35 kW version is available to A2 license holders, which can easily be converted to full power by a Honda dealer at the appropriate time. Similarly, a Honda dealer can limit the output of the more powerful version to 35 kW by changing the ECU software. Two flywheels balance vibration at higher revs without affecting the erratic ignition and the characteristic "rumble" caused by the 270° alternating crankshaft. Bore and stroke are 77mm x 80mm. Whenever possible, individual components play multiple roles: the camshaft drives the water pump, while one of the balancer shafts drives the oil pump. Thanks to this minimization of the number of parts, the remains light, economical and reliable. Honda ADV 350 very good parformance.

The engine is very frugal - measured consumption in WMTC mode is just 3.6 l/100 km, representing a range of up to 366 km on a 13.2 liter tank. The also meets the EURO5 emission standard, which introduces significantly stricter requirements for pollutant content in exhaust gases from January 1, 2020, compared to the previous EURO4 standard. These requirements include a significant reduction in permitted carbon monoxide emissions, a reduction of more than 40% in total hydrocarbon emissions, more stringent misfire detection and the introduction of a limit on particulate emissions. Honda X-ADV 2023 showrooms.

Honda X-ADV 2023 Engine and Electronics

With engine performance and character controlled by an electrically controlled throttle, the rider can choose from 4 modes covering all driving conditions. Modes are selected using buttons on the left handle.

Standard mode is characterized by balanced performance, braking and HSTC system intervention. The ABS system often interferes. ho

Sport mode offers more aggressive power input and braking, with the HSTC system interfering little in this mode, while ABS intervenes more often.

Rain mode is characterized by low power and engine braking, with HSTC and ABS systems often interfering.

GRAVEL mode uses high power and engine braking, while HSTC and ABS intervene only slightly.

USER individually offers low/mid/high level power / braking and low/mid/high level or completely off HSTC options.

The Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system provides finer control, as it can better control the power supply to the rear wheels using an electronically controlled TBW throttle.

Honda X-ADV 2023 - Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Honda's DCT transmission technology series is entering its twelfth year of production. More than 200,000 DCT equipped motorcycles have already been sold in Europe This transmission features smooth and reliable up and down shifting that the rider gets used to very quickly. It uses two clutches: one for takeoff and 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears, and one for 2nd, 4th, and 6th gears. The main shaft of one clutch is located inside the other, which has made it possible to achieve very compact dimensions. Each clutch is independently controlled by its own electro-hydraulic circuit. When shifting, the system uses the clutch to preselect the required gear that is not currently being used. The first clutch is then electronically disengaged and the second clutch is engaged at the same time.

The DCT system offers two different modes of control - an automatic mode with a programmed shift map that continuously monitors driving speed, selected gear and speed and determines the shift moment based on this, and a manual mode in which the driver can. Change yourself using the buttons on the left handle. Thanks to the use of an electronically controlled throttle, the driver has 5 maps available for automatic shifting. Level 1 is the most comfortable, with both upshifts and downshifts occurring at relatively low revs; This map is used in RAIN driving mode. Level 4, on the other hand, upshifts at higher revs and downshifts earlier, thus increasing the braking effect; This map is used in sport mode. Level 2 is associated with standard driving mode, while level 3 lies between standard and sport modes.

In GRAVEL driving mode, the X-ADV uses a relatively sporty "G" shift map; This mode, among other parameters, is characterized by a low level of clutch "slip" when transferring from fully open or closed throttle. This way the rider gains more direct control over rear wheel traction and can move over terrain with a controlled skid. While previously activated by a separate G button, this function is now integrated into the new 'G' shift map within the DCT transmission. User In user mode, the driver can select any DCT transmission shift map along with other parameters – engine power, braking and levels of ABS and HSTC system settings.

Honda X-ADV 2023 - appearance and equipment

The unique styling of the scooter model, whose original concept lies behind the Honda brand's Italian research and development team, has been sharper and more understated for 2021. The silhouette is deliberately upright, but each panel of the machine is tuned to emphasize the overall impression. The twin LED headlights are equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL), which automatically adjust to the surrounding light intensity and contribute to driving safety thanks to their brightness and high visibility. All lights are equipped with LEDs. In terms of ergonomics, the 820 mm high seat (shaped so that the rider can easily reach the ground) and the wide handlebars at 910 mm high guarantee a great view from all directions. The scooter plexi shield can be adjusted without the use of tools to one of 5 positions, providing weak or strong airflow, for commuting and long trips. The total height difference is 139 mm and the inclination angle between the end positions reaches 11°.

Part of the X-ADV model's interface, accessible through a 5-inch TFT display, is the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System, which offers the rider the option to connect to his phone and enable voice control of phone calls. -Mail, music playback and navigation. A helmet communicator is required to use this feature. The phone connects to the dashboard through Bluetooth technology. Control of the system is also possible through the buttons on the left handle.

The sturdy plastic hand protector protects the rider from wind and rain and helps protect hands and levers from flying rocks when riding off-road. The bottom of the machine is protected by a shot-blasted, 2.5 mm thick aluminum protective cover. The 22 liter compartment under the seat has an integral helmet and is illuminated by an integrated LED lamp, whose textured surface ensures uniform illumination without glare. There is a USB charging socket on the back of the box. A center stand standard with tilt sensors allows the scooter to be parked on a slope without the risk of tipping over. For even more convenience, the scooter model uses a smart key that the rider keeps in his pocket at all times and does not have to take it out to control the ignition, fuel cap and seat. Honda CB500F 2023 A great bike like this Bike. With the smart key in the rider's hand, a push of the machine's main button unlocks the steering and turns on the ignition, while two rocker switches operate the fuel cap and seat lock. Also handy is the 'North' function, which flashes the turn signals to make it easier to find the machine from a greater distance, and the optional 'Smart' top case is locked and unlocked using buttons. A clutch mechanism on the main switch prevents the handlebars from being forcibly unlocked.

The X-ADV's front and rear direction indicators are also equipped with an auto-off emergency brake light function. If, at a speed greater than 53 km/h, the rider activates any brake and the negative acceleration exceeds 6.0 m/s2, the warning lights will flash to warn other road users of sudden braking. When the ABS system is activated, the threshold for activating this function at the same speed will be reduced to a negative acceleration of at least 2.5 m/s2. Direction indicators are equipped with an automatic shut-off function. Instead of using a simple timer, the system compares the difference in rotation of the front and rear wheels and, based on this, calculates whether it is possible to turn off the direction indicators in light of the situation. Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing Tour 2023 very good parformance.

Honda X-ADV 2023 - chassis

For 2021, the scooter received a new frame made of trapezoidal steel tubes, which helped to save 1 kg of weight and free up more space for a practical storage box. Fork and pinion inclination 27°/104 mm, wheelbase 1,590 mm. A steering angle of up to 39° (and a turning radius of 2.8 m) makes the scooter easy to maneuver in heavy traffic. Long suspension travel – 153.5 mm at the front and 150 mm at the rear – is matched by 165 mm of ground clearance. The total curb weight reaches 236 kg. Honda CB1000R 2024 curb weight 213 kg. For riding on more difficult terrain, spring preload and rebound damping can be adjusted for the 41mm cartridge inverted fork. The preload-adjustable rear shock features a single tube split pressure design and is connected to a machined aluminum swingarm via a Pro-Link linkage with a hollow section and U-section arms. The 17-inch front wheel and 15-inch rear wheel feature stainless steel braid and improve the X-ADV's ability to drive on tougher terrain. Blocky tires add to the ride quality, while L-shaped valves make it easy to check tire pressure. Tire sizes are 120/70 R17 at the front and 160/60 R15 at the rear. Two radial four-piston brake calipers work with 296mm discs and are equipped with an ABS system.

1,424,905৳ TK
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