Huawei New Camera Monster Phone

Huawei New Camera Monster Phone


Huawei releasing new premium flagship smartphone.  The concept model, which the creator calls as the Huawei P11 X, tries to club some of the recent rumours along with some high-end features resulting into a good looking premium concept flagship smartphone. The smartphone look alike iphone x.

Huawei P11X Concept Video –


What new in Huawei P11X –


From the video, the Huawei P11 X seems to be made out of metal and glass. There are four buttons on the right side of the phone: one textured power button, two volume buttons, and one dedicated camera button. That is quite similar with Alacel Idol 4.  These days, we don’t see a dedicated button for the camera, but it’s a good addition to the concept considering how the real Huawei P11 is expected to be a camera monster.


The back features a mirror-like finish along with three cameras on its left border arranged vertically. There’s dual LED flash and laser focus to assist the rear cameras. The front dual cameras are housed inside the small notch above the display.

While a triple camera design is quite unusual in a smartphone, there’s a small possibility that the real phone packs three sensors at the back. The phone’s can have 40MP triple camera lens with 5X hybrid zoom. While this video is just a concept, now you know from where the triple lens design gets its inspiration.

Other features of the Huawei P11 X Concept phone are pretty standard: headphone jack, speakers at the bottom, and red and black color options.