Mobile Phone Bangladesh, Latest Mobile Phone Price In BD

Mobile Phone Bangladesh is a passion name of Digital Bangladesh. From 1994 to today mobile phone updated at 4 generations. Have a lot of change in Mobile phone sector in Bangladesh. Cellular to Smartphone is a long journey and also have a lot of change in price in this sector. Today I supposed to provide you the Latest mobile phone price in BD.

Before providing the info, I want to share a sweet memory of my childhood regarding the Mobile phone. When I studied at 12 class my father has gifted a Siemens mobile phone in 12000/- Taka. After using 1 year I supposed to sell the phone to buy batter phone than it. That phone named Nokia N70. But I was confused about the phone price. Because different shop charges different price.
So Mobile phone price varied in same time in different place. But I decided to purchase a real brand new mobile in Legal price. That is why I feel to provide some latest Mobile phone price in BD.

Mobile phone Bangladesh: Latest mobile phone price in bd

Mobile Phone Bangladsh


Latest Mobile Phone Price in BD(Taka)


TCL 562 13,799/-
TCL 560 8,499/-


OnePlus 3 40,999/-


Xiaomi Mi 5 37,900/-
Xiaomi Mi Max 26,490/-
Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro 15,500/-
Xiaomi Redmi 3s 12,490/-
Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime 14990/-
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro 16,990/-
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 19,990/-


Huawei G Play Mini 12,490/-
Huawei GR5 2017 21,990/-
Huawei Y5II 8,990/-
Huawei Y6II 13,590/-
Huawei G7 Plus 26,990/-
Huawei GR3 15,990/-
Huawei GR3 2017 19,900/-
Huawei GR5 18,990/-
Huawei Honour 4X 12,990/-
Huawei Mate 8 49,990/-
Huawei Mate 8 15,490/-


Alcatel Onetouch Flash 2 7049D 10,499/-
Alcatel Idol 4 22,999/-
Alcatel Onetouch pop up 9,999/-


Meizu M3S 11,990/-
Meizu M3 Note 15,990/-


ASUS ZenFone Go Zc 451TG 6,350/-
ASUS ZenFone Selfie ZD551KL 19,850/-
ASUS ZenFone ZE500KG 11,450/-
ASUS ZenFone ZE601KL Leaser 20,750/-
ASUS ZenFone ZE550KL 17,250/-
ASUS ZenFone ZE551ML 23,500/-
ASUS ZenFone ZE551ML Deluxe 27,950/-


Nokia 150 DS 2,750/-
Nokia 3310 (2017) 4,990/-
Nokia 105 DS 1,799/-
Nokia 105 SS 1,680/-
Nokia 216 DS 3,250/-
Nokia 130 DS 2,150/-
Nokia 225 DS 4,600/-
Nokia 230 DS 5,099/-
Nokia 3 13,500/-
Nokia 5 17,500/-
Nokia 6 22,500/-
Nokia 215 DS 2,899/-


HTC 626 G+ 12,990/-
HTC Desire 326G DS 9,550/-
HTC Desire 10,990/-
HTC One A9 42,000/-

Apple iPhone

iPhone 6 (16 GB) 61,200/-
iPhone 6 (64 GB) 75,999/-
iPhone 6 S( 16GB) 71,499/-
iPhone 6 S(64 GB) 81,999/-
iPhone 6 S(128 GB) 92,999/-
iPhone 6 plus(16 GB) 75,000/-
iPhone 6 plus(64 GB) 83,400/-
iPhone 6 plus(128 GB) 94,500/-

TCL mobile phone History and few feature products

TCL mobile phone is one of the parts of TCL Corporation is an electric company and founded at 1981. The motto of this company is “The Creative Life”. It is a Chinese base company and the headquarter is located in Huizhou, Guangdong, China. now its 25th largest producer company in the world. They produce a lot of electric item like Mobile phone, Television, air conditioner, freezer, washing machine etc.

TCL Mobile Phone price in Bangladesh is now available. You may Buy TCL Mobile phone from mobile phone Specialized BD online shopping site.

TCL is the parent company of Alcatel OneTouch Brand. In 2004 both companies declared that they do a joint venture business and bought 55 % share of Alcatel. Where most of the people are choose high configure and well camera phone, they can easily choose both phones.  Recently both brand gets popularity as batter specified camera phone. where OnePlus 3T and Meizu are competing closely.

All the Alcatel Mobile are manufactured by TCL.
Below I provide few TCL mobile phone models which are latest on market:


Recently revealed ALCATEL Products:

  • Alcatel POP 4 PLUS
  • ”            IDOL 4S
  • ”            ”          4
  • ”            ”          3
  • ”            X1
  • ”            POP 4
  • ”            up
  • ”            GO PLAY
  • ”            PIXI 4
  • ”            l pop Star
  • ”            POP up
  • ”            PIXI 3
  • ”            ”        3(3.5)
  • ”           ”         3(4)
  • ”           ”         3(4.5)
  • ”           ”         3(5)
  • ”           ”          star
  • ”            Fire
  • ”            Scribe
  • ”            FIRE E




Recently released popular TCL Mobile List:

  • TCL 950
  • ”      750
  • ”      580
  • ”      562
  • ”      560
  • ”      520
  • ”      Pride T500L

OnePlus 4 with innovative design and unique feature

Modern world running and smartphone features increase day by day. Innovative design and great features are add in the smartphone. OnePlus is the example of this type smartphone. It has got much popularity from OnePlus to OnePlus 3 for smartphone’s better features and reliable price.

Now latest news of OnePlus’s new flagship device OnePlus 4 will come with 8 GB RAM. This is must be a good news for android fans. This flagship device has Snapdragon 830 processor and 64 GB internal storage.128 GB might be external storage.6GB RAM. 64GB internal storage obviously very much high for any smartphone. The included Snapdragon 830 processor help this smartphone get faster.Even have many apps and games running in the background of the smartphone.This smartphone support latest Android 7.0 which runs Qualcomm Octa Core Processor.

The big change of this phone is the glass body.

This phone is not look out for slimmer and more refined but if you see overall it could be similar with OnePlus 3. OnePlus 4 has a 5.5-inch display.The first rumor of OnePlus 4 about its camera. The points to a couple of lens snapper with augment reality and it mix reality functions but no details are given on the specifics or the megapixel count. The megapixel count of the smartphone on rear snapper may change.22Mpxl is the rear camera and 8 Mpxl is the front camera of this smartphone. It comes with retina eye scanner, print scanner. This smartphone also have some great feature.

4000 mAh juice pack battery is the battery capacity and also have fast charging technique. The Dash Charge tech OnePlus has employe in the 3 is impressive, and we fully expect to see it return in the OnePlus 4.This smartphone have long-time backup and chargeable up to 60% in hour. OnePlus 4 will be introduce fast charging and wireless charging technique.

OnePlus 4 is comparable of any expensive smartphone in their innovative design and looks. Hope so it will be one of the top list smartphone in the mobile market.

OnePlus 4

Camera Specification of OnePlus 3T

Everybody knows about Oneplus brand. OnePlus is the most competitor in the world of well-known smartphone brand. OnePlus  brand with introduced  Oneplus, Oneplus 2, OnePlus X, and Oneplus 3.But Oneplus does not  stop to generate the product. Day by day OnePlus on the raise top level. last month released a new phone.The name of this new phone is  OnePlus 3T. Already we are knows about the OnePlus 3T, which was release a few weeks ago, is already available in some countries.

But today I am only discussing The OnePlus 3T’s camera.
oneplus 3TThe primary camera of this smartphone is 16Mpxl with a sony IMX298 sensor. This sensor is capable of 4K video recording. OnePlus manage to get few shots from the rear camera and very minimum noise even in an indoor dim lighting.

On the rear of the OnePlus 3T, nothing has changed over the OnePlus 3. with the same Sony-made 16MP rear camera protrude from the metal uni-body and a single LED flash sitting.

Fire up the camera app and it’s more of the same from OnePlus, with a comparatively clean interface giving you control over HDR (high dynamic range) and HQ (high quality) modes.

HDR helps to brighten dark areas in your photos, while HQ mode captures more detail while you can’t use both modes together.

we found that OnePlus 3T haven’t a huge variation between two models and  tend to auto HDR as default.

For those who want better control over their snaps, the OnePlus 3T offers an attractive comprehensive manual mode, accessed by tapping the menu icon in the top-left corner, enabling you to tweak different settings such as ISO, white balance, contrast and shutter speed.

There’s also the option to save images as RAW files, which will please the most serious photographers among you.

The OnePlus 3T’s camera provide a solid showing situation. while it’s not quite up there with the latest iPhones or Samsungs you could do a lot worse than this snapper.

We have seen that what’s the camera quality of OnePlus 3T and you must realize  that it’s the best camera phone in 2016.

Release date of OnePlus 3T in china and worldwide

OnePlus amazed a number of people in the Android group of people by launching a successor to the OnePlus 3. This move isn’t in line with the yearly cadence that we’ve come to expect for their Smartphone, which makes it all the more attractive. The name of this new phone is the One Plus 3T and based on that name one can already see that it represent an evolution of the One Plus 3 rather than a new upgrade.
Oneplus 3T
OnePlus says it will begin manufacturing the 3T starting with the 64GB alternate. The One Plus 3T smartphone was unveiled globally last month and has since gone on sale in the US, Europe, and the UK.

The 3T  unveiled on November 15, 2016, as a minor improves to the still relatively new One Plus 3.

One Plus 3T launches in the US on November 22, 2016, and in Europe on November 28, 2016.

OnePlus 3T Smartphone  comes in a Gunmetal colour alternative and foregoes the Graphite colour alternative of the original. Like the OnePlus 3 and 3T will also be made available in a Soft Gold colour variant however, the OnePlus 3T Soft Gold option will make its way to online shelves later. The 128GB variant will only be available in the Gunmetal colour variant, the company clarified.

OnePlus 3T is expected to be a meaningful upgrade to the 3 but don’t expect essential changes. The new One Plus smartphone is expected to look quite similar to its predecessor, with most of the meaningful changes on the inside.

Qualcomm and have complete that the 3T smartphone will be powered by the Snapdragon 821 chipset making it the only non-Google Pixel smartphone to carry the SoC. This along with Android 7.0 Nougat-based OxygenOS  is expected to bring performance improvements. Another major change is in the display panel, which may go from the Optic AMOLED of One Plus 3 to LCD in One Plus 3T. However, this may not pan out since CEO Carl Pei recently said that OnePlus will continue to use the Optic AMOLED in the expected future.

How to Use OnePlus 3

Undoubtly OnePlus 3 is the best smartphone in its class.It looks standard and have a number of customization options.If you don’t normally get it unless you download a third party launcher from play store.

OnePlus 3

Use of Home Screen

Shelf Widgets: Shelf is the custom screen that sites to left of your smartphone’s main home screen.For add practically any other widget you tapping the floating action button in the bottom of phone right corner.Now choose the widget.If you customize self widget you tapping the sidebar menu button in the top corner.

Again if you don’r want shelf widget then disable it. To disable go to the head of regular home screen, then tap the wallpaper and hold it.Now chose customize option and switch the “Enable Shelf”.Now toggle to the off position.

Use of Alert Slider

Alert slider is the best feature of OnePlus 3.For this slider you toggle between different notification modes.

For configure alert slider-

Go to setting from home screen or App drawer.

Now select Alert Slider option from device category.

Toggle media,alarm,reminder,event and message setting for silent and priority modes.

OnePlus 3

Use Of Button Layout

Go to setting option from app drawer or home screen.

Select Button from device category and toggle the on-screen navigation bar.

OnePlus 3

Use of Dark Mode

Open setting from app drawer or home screen.

Select customize from personal category.

Now toggle dark mode.

OnePlus 3

Use of blue light filter

Open setting and select display from Device category.

Toggle night mode and adjust intensity with the slider.

Use of Display

Go to setting and Head to display.

For adjust color balance use slider.

How to change battery icon

Go to setting from home screen or app drawer.

Find battery option from the device section.

Now top the battery icon from the top right corner.

Now choose the icon what you set.

OnePlus 3

Use of Gestures

Go to setting from home screen or app drawer.

Navigate to gesture from the Personal category.

Click the gesture to enable.

OnePlus 3

Use of Camera

Open camera and tap the menu at the top left corner.

Now select manual mode.

Now use this flagship device OnePlus 3. Very smooth and high configuration smartphone gives you a good experience.

Oneplus 3 VS Oneplus 2 !

Oneplus’s new “flagship killer” the Oneplus 3 has finally received and while the last handset  Oneplus 2 was a stellar contribution. There’s no doubt the company has done all it can to improve things this time around.

On top of the hardware upgrade  the new phone comes with an all-new design and making the OnePlus 3 a worthy successor to the previous model. Its offer a great design, top specs in the market for the latest phone.

But how does it load up against last year’s device the OnePlus 2? The OnePlus 3 predecessor was certainly no droop also. In fact, OnePlus once hail it as “the flagship killer,” a device that boasted a smooth look and some of the best specs around for a 2015 device. It’s 2016, however.

But what exactly has changed?
oneplus 3 vs oneplus 2
Here’s our comparison of the One Plus 3 and One Plus 2.

General One plus 3 One plus 2
Release date June 2016 July 2015
Form factor Touchscreen Touch screen
Dimensions (mm) 152.70 x 74.70 x 7.35 151.80 x 74.90 x 9.85
Weight (g) 158.00 175.00
Battery capacity (mAh) 3000 3300
Removable battery No No
Colours Graphite, Soft Gold Sandstone Black
SAR Value 0.78 NA
Screen size (inches) 5.50 5.50
Touchscreen Yes Yes
Resolution 1080×1920 pixels 1080×1920 pixels
Pixels per inch (PPI) 401
Processor 1.6GHz quad-core 1.8GHz octa-core
Processor make Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Qualcomm Snapdragon 810
Internal storage 64GB 64GB
Expandable storage No No
Rear camera 16-megapixel 13-megapixel
Flash Yes Yes
Front camera 8-megapixel 5-megapixel
Operating System Android 6.0.1 Oxygen OS 2.0
Skin Oxygen OS 3.1.1
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes, v 4.20 Yes, v 4.10
NFC Yes No
Headphones 3.5mm 3.5mm
sim Nano-SIM Nano-SIM
3G Yes Yes
4G/LTE Yes Yes
Compass/ Magnetometer Yes Yes
Proximity sensor Yes Yes
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Ambient light sensor Yes Yes
Gyroscope Yes Yes

There’s no query that the OnePlus 3 is a better device and not by a little bit, also. Sure, some of the specs are very alike, but under the hood, the OnePlus 3 is a completely powerhouse, one that outperforms the OnePlus 2 in almost every way.

Great feature Smartphone

Flagship device OnePlus 3 is an entirely new handset. OnePlus 3 is most ambitious Smartphone of OnePlus series. OnePlus’s third-generation flagship phone sees the company focused one hundred percent on delivering the best device it’s capable of creating. This is one of the best android phone of 2016.

SmartphoneFeature of OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 is the good looking piece of hardware OnePlus has made. It has anodized aluminumuni body and 7.35mm thickness and has an attractive minimul design.

OnePlus 3 comes with 5.5 inch display.It has full HD AMOLED panel with the dimention of 1920*1080p. 2.5D screen displays’s smartphone OnePlus 3 is made of Gorilla Glass 4.

One Plus 3comes with oxygen OS and 6GB LPDDR4 RAM. OnePlus 3 has 64GB of UFS 2.0 flash storage,three times faster than the widely used eMMC 5.1 technology.

Oneplus has an 8mpxl selfie camera with a face detector feature.It has 10mpxl rear camera. High expectation and considering the camera setup feature are add in this smartphone.

This smartphone has an absolutely stonking battery life.It has 3,000 mAh battery.And the special feature of OnePlus 3 is quick charging.Dash charge provides two main benefits.It can charge quickly and took a little more than one hour to reach 100 percent .Another is that performance isn’t throttled as much as with other fast charging systems. This could be handy if you want to continue gaming while the phone charges but, otherwise, is nice to have but mightn’t be of much benefit to you.

Overall, good looking and great feature smartphone is OnePlus 3.Everybody can use this smoothly and must be get e good experience about this smartphone.

Release date of OnePlus 3

Oneplus 3 is truly great from the series of OnePlus. This cell phone has enough great plan and awesome specification.If anybody need an adroid smartphone off-contract then it may be the ideal choice. This phone was uncover on june 14,2016.

OnePlus is a notable brand in the world. It starte the enterprise in 16 December 2013. One Plus is a Chinese company. It is headquarter locate in Shenzhen,Gaungdong. This notable adaptable association serves 42 countries and territories around the world as of walk 2016. It discharge some series and One Plus 3 is one of them.

This smartphone resembles a genuine leader executioner, with choice equipment at an incredible cost. Here’s all that we think about the OnePlus 3 smartphone as such. Past One Plus contraptions offered a to some degree exchanged off experience that, while outstanding, wasn’t sufficient to influence us they were confirmed pioneer blenders. As you’ll see from overview, this is not any more expanded the case.Some wonderful freatures are joined One Plus 3.This is a leader phone with style and power.This phone is essentially extraordinary.


OnePlus provide full HD AMOLED Display, 6GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 820 SoC processor.

After it touched base in Europe, a few purchasers needed to hold up to get it.The OnePlus 3 accessible in Bangladesh now, with O2 turning into the primary portable administrator to stock the smartphone. The OnePlus 3 incorporates highlights exclude in some past One Plus series’s smartphones. For example, snappy charging and a NFC chip, a component that was expelle from the One Plus 2.

One Plus had utilize for its last three gadgets to direct stream with lacking assembling for the unavoidable high demand. The OxygenOS 3.2.1 upgrade started rollout on seventh July 2016, with enhanced administration of RAM, an other sRGB show mode in engineer choices, and different sorts of bug fixes.

Still now this is the recorded setting of OnePlus series’s smartphone.

Difference Between Dash Charge and Fast Charge

People are constantly increasing the importance of technology in everyday life. We can not imagine a day without a smartphone. Through smartphones, we could recover our work faster at home or in office. The smartphone is one of the most and important parts of our life  and battery life/battery charge is one of the most important features in a mobile phone. But sometimes we can’t do our work perfectly for the battery life. For this problem, Oneplus brings dash charge for release this problem. We already know about the fast charge and something knows about dash charge. But today we discuss the difference between dash charge and fast charging system.

The OnePlus 3 can charge up to 60% in 35 minutes, it takes slightly over 40 minutes to go from 65% to a full charge. That’s to prevent damage to the battery (and in a way, to you), with the wall charger limiting output at 2A after hitting 75% and going even lower after reaching 85%. The microcontroller unit inside the phone constantly monitors the charge level to determine the desired amperage to be delivered. This technology is so much helpful for our favorite smartphone. When we make the mobile charge it becomes hot. But dash charge solves this problem. However, you can use your Dash Charge wall unit to charge other phones.

On the other hand, the quick charge is fully different from dash charge.

Comparing charging time

When we compared the charging time of Dash Charging on the OnePlus 3 with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 on, the results were shocking. Here’s a chart of charging time comparison we performed in our office.


The first 60% were too quick on the Dash Charging and it was approximately double of Quick Charge’s effort. However after 80%, Dash Charging reduced, and Quick Charge started gaining up.