Difference Between Dash Charge and Fast Charge


People are constantly increasing the importance of technology in everyday life. We can not imagine a day without a smartphone. Through smartphones, we could recover our work faster at home or in office. The smartphone is one of the most and important parts of our life  and battery life/battery charge is one of the most important features in a mobile phone. But sometimes we can’t do our work perfectly for the battery life. For this problem, Oneplus brings dash charge for release this problem. We already know about the fast charge and something knows about dash charge. But today we discuss the difference between dash charge and fast charging system.

The OnePlus 3 can charge up to 60% in 35 minutes, it takes slightly over 40 minutes to go from 65% to a full charge. That’s to prevent damage to the battery (and in a way, to you), with the wall charger limiting output at 2A after hitting 75% and going even lower after reaching 85%. The microcontroller unit inside the phone constantly monitors the charge level to determine the desired amperage to be delivered. This technology is so much helpful for our favorite smartphone. When we make the mobile charge it becomes hot. But dash charge solves this problem. However, you can use your Dash Charge wall unit to charge other phones.

On the other hand, the quick charge is fully different from dash charge.

Comparing charging time

When we compared the charging time of Dash Charging on the OnePlus 3 with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 on, the results were shocking. Here’s a chart of charging time comparison we performed in our office.


The first 60% were too quick on the Dash Charging and it was approximately double of Quick Charge’s effort. However after 80%, Dash Charging reduced, and Quick Charge started gaining up.