Apple iphone X Review

Apple iPhone X
Apple has commemorated the iPhone’s 10th anniversary with a special edition smartphone named the iPhone X. The iPhone X is a sensational looking iPhone – however it manifestly comes at a huge price. This phone comes with Face ID technology for unlocking smartphone.Apple announced iPhone X release Date on Tuesday.

Apple iphone X Price In Bangladesh

Apple iPhone X price in Bangladesh is confirmed. But iPhone X price in also announced for some countries. Apple iphone price in bangladesh are Tk 130,990(64GB) and Tk 150,500 (256GB). The iPhone X will be made available in 64GB and 256GB configurations, as a way to fetch £999 and £1,149 within the UK, respectively. Pricing inside the US begins at $999.

Apple may even make the handset available via its iPhone Upgrade Program, with monthly payments beginning at £56.45.
Apple iPhone X

                                        Apple iphone X Key Feature
Display 5.8-inch (diagonal) all-screen OLED Multi-Touch display
OS iOS 11
Camera Primary- Dual 12 MP,secondary-7 MP
CPU Hexa-core
BATTERY Non-removable Li-Ion battery
ROM 64/256 GB
Sensor Face ID


Three-axis gyro


Proximity sensor

Ambient light sensor

Apple iphone X Full Specification


The new iPhone X is quality-looking smartphone of Apple’s ever made. People were fans of the design that heralded the appearance of the iPhone 4, and the curved traces of the iPhone 6.The rear, that’s now glass, would not feel as top rate as the almost ceramic metal of previous fashions, but it still feels stable and secure in the hand. The edges are not sharp, alternatively folding into the palm in a manner that’s pleasant to hold.
Apple iPhone X
It’s a very light smartphone as properly and glass does love to suck up a fingerprint. It’s got a bigger display screen than another iPhone, and but it’s smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus.


iPhone X comes with 5.8-inch display that is the only thing that gets in the way of you and the new operating system, with the effect rather stunning. The iPhone X is a completely defferent smartphone. The impact of the wider and fuller screen is going to absolutely galvanize, mainly in case you’ve now not held the Samsung Galaxy S8, which has a similar display of iPhone X. The resolution of this smartphone has been upgraded from the iPhone 7, as the sub-HD pixel matter wasn’t without a doubt something Apple could desire to escape with in 2017 in the face of such sturdy competition from the relaxation of the industry.
Apple iPhone X
The LCD displays had a decent assessment ratio and had been colourful and brilliant features for smartphone which might be as attractive as chucking in a load extra pixels. But the OLED display inside the iPhone X has truly brought an improve, with the blacks deeper, the colours richer and the general impact  just extremely good.


Usually at this point the camera on the new iPhone and its capability to focus faster, or take batter low light shots. This smartphone comes with dual 12Mpxl primary camera with dual optical image stabilization, made up of a wide-angle f/1.8 aperture lens and a telephoto f/2.4 aperture lens  and 7Mpxl front facing camera. The front facing camera is first rate at sensing your surroundings and your face, and the ability to map a masks, or transform you into an animated emoji (referred to as Animoji) is clearly pleasure filling.
Apple iPhone X
The camera itself felt high-quality, very similar to preceding iterations in faster, this changed into all approximately being able to sense the environment instead of taking better photos, which became interesting.
Apple iPhone X
However, the machine learning inside should be able to better work out what you’re snapping and alter the settings to match – and the Portrait Lighting, which intelligently learns what is the subject and what isn’t, and can alter the effect of the photo accordingly, is really stunning as a feature.

Software and Battery

It retains the A11 Bionic chip from the iPhone 8, a 64-bit splendid processor with a new Apple designed graphics unit, which has 30 percent greater pace than the existing unit. iPhone X runs on iOS 11 operating system. It has 6 cores, and higher performance than the A10 Fusion chip.
Apple iPhone X
Expect the performance cores to offer a 25 percent velocity increase, and a 70 percent raise from the four overall performance cores. Inside is a battery with a purpose to deliver hours longer use than the iPhone 7 Plus, and has wi-fi charging. Apple will introduce a wireless charging mat called AirPower to rate the phone, a hard and fast or AirPods, and an Apple Watch on the identical time. Also this phone comes with Non-removable Li-Ion battery technology.

Face ID

To unlock your iPhone X without a home button, Apple has delivered facial recognition, which it calls Face ID. It works the use of the TrueDepth camera system, hidden within the notch on the top of the display. Glance at the phone, and it illuminates your face geared up for an infrared camera to pick out it. It even works inside the dark. Using the A11 Bionic chip, a neural engine techniques the image in real-time, and has been built specifically for mathematically map the shape and features of your face.
Apple iPhone X

Wireless Charging

The iPhone X battery length become as standard not noted on degree all through release, however there are large upgrades coming in step with the emblem. However, the most important change is the way you could price the brand new iPhone, with wireless charging now added to the mixture.
Apple iPhone X
This approach the two competing requirements, Qi and PMA, are each supported, so user do not have to make their choice. Apple is helping most effective one among them Qi but it is brought out its personal charger to permit people to juice up their phone with no need to plug in a cable. The battery lifestyles of the iPhone X has been extended, with  hours greater electricity than the iPhone 7 from a single rate – and that should be a real help given all the battery-sapping functions on display right here.

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