how to take care of your phone

Smartphones have become our daily companion. It is almost always with us wherever we go. So we have to take some precautions to keep this beloved phone. Let's know about how to keep the smartphone well.

How to Take Good Care of Your smart Phone

Caution in using the phone:

Care should be taken to ensure that the phone does not fall out of the hand while using it. Because if the phone is dropped, the display can be damaged, besides, many internal things can be damaged in the beloved phone. Besides, I can use gorilla paper and back cover. Even if the phone falls from the hand, there is no damage.

Dust dirt:

Dust damages the phone a lot. It can be seen that dust accumulates in various parts of the phone as a result of using the phone for a long time. For example, the camera back cover on the charging port and the dust gets stuck in different parts, they have to be cleaned. Be careful not to use any chemical or water directly while cleaning.

Hot or cold environment:

Just as water can damage the phone, excessive heat or cold environment can also damage the phone. Heat is the biggest enemy of the phone because when the phone heats up, it affects all parts of the phone starting from the mother board. It's very hot outside playing games and I think what will happen if the phone gets hot. If you turn on the game in such a hot condition, the life of the phone will decrease by half. Again, if it is in a cold place, the phone will be damaged.


Moisture causes extensive damage to the phone. We know that humidity can cause serious damage to electronics. If there is any kind of moisture on the motherboard then you can assume that your phone is dead there. So take care to use the phone according to the humidity in the environment you are in.


The most important part of the phone is its battery. Because it wears out quickly or deteriorates. Many times it is seen that the battery gets damaged even if the phone is not used, there are some reasons.

Regular updates and security updates should be given to keep the phone in good condition. Updating will increase the life of the phone and keep it in good health. Keep enough free space in the memory.

Use of original charger:

Always use the original charger on your smartphone. If you use a cheap local charger then the smartphone gets a lot of stress. For example: now smartphone companies make chargers in such a way that their phone circuit and charger circuit are a complete package.

As a result, if local cheap chargers are used, there may be many things missing, due to which the phone's battery is affected. Battery drains quickly.

Do not press the phone unnecessarily

Imagine you are playing a game and the hardware and software of the phone is very normal. What if you load PUBG on your 1 GB RAM phone? It will be seen that it has hung or closed. Use the phone according to your phone's capabilities. Then you can use the phone for a long time.

Caution in keeping the phone:

When we go out with the phone, we think about which side to put the phone in the pant pocket. I will not put the display on the outside, I will put it on the inside. In which direction will I put the back side? Our opinion is to keep the display side of the phone towards the front and the back side towards the outside.

As if something hits from the outside, it hits the back cover of the phone. The back cover does not damage the phone. However, try to keep the phone in your pocket less because radiation causes harm to people.

Phone headphones:

If you use local headphones then the phone is damaged. Because there is a lot of difference between the original headphone and the local headphone. The 3.5 mm jack of the phone does not have the correct combination with the local headphone. As a result, many phone problems occur, so use original headphones.

How To Maintain iPhone And Android Smartphone

Use a screen guard: Protecting your phone isn't just about using a case. Because, the case cannot always protect the mobile screen. And, as the mobile screen is very sensitive, it can get cracked or broken at the slightest carelessness. So you can protect your phone screen by using gorilla glass or screen protector. Although these days tech companies bring their phones with Gorilla Glass protection. Still, there is no harm in using an additional coating to protect the display panel, one of the most important parts of the mobile.

Keep Apps Updated: We use multiple apps on our smartphones. Many of which come pre-installed with apps. Some apps are downloaded by users themselves. All these apps should be updated regularly. Because, if you use the old version of the app, there is a possibility of malware attack. Therefore, every app should be kept up-to-date to keep mobile and personal information safe. For this you can keep the auto-update mode on. Also, apps that you don't use should be removed.

Use 'trusted sources' for app downloads : Trusted downloading sites should always be used to install any app. For example, you can use Google Play Store for Android phones and Apple App Store or other official app stores for iPhone. Don't forget to download apps from unknown sources. Doing so will expose you to the risk of malware attacks.

Protect the phone from water and excessive heat: Make sure that your phone does not come into contact with water in any way. Because even a small drop of water can damage the phone. Even if your phone is waterproof, it's better not to risk it. Also, keep an eye on the phone to avoid excessive heat and any kind of stress. Because it may damage your phone.

Clear the cache : Junk files remain in the cache due to running many apps on the phone. Keep cleaning these files from time to time, so that your iPhone or Android phone runs properly and the performance does not slow down.

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