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Musk, who took over Twitter last week, said he is planning to charge users $8 per month to be verified and access other premium features through the company's Twitter Blue subscription service

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Twitter 's new owner Elon Musk according to the guy previously "no second option" but also for cut the organization 's staff as the corporation is losing much losing more than$ 4 m(£ 3. 5 m) per day.50 percent of the company 's staff are getting let go, your week after Mister Musk bought Twitter in a$ 44bn(£ 38. 7bn) package.

Twitter staff had used this system of referring to their particular dismissal.You'll discover worries Twitter could rainfall down content lower amounts but Mr Spray said the firm 's policies remain "absolutely unchanged".

Info appeared on Friday the fact that thousands of personnel at Twitter around the globe were losing their very own jobs, questions were definitely asked over the way forward to get employees in fee of documenting damaging material.

Online protection groups and campaigners have suggested Mister Musk elon musk and twitter

might rest moderation policies, building Twitter ineffectve for removing hate supports speech and disinformation from the program. 

Permanent Twitter bans given to debatable figures- which include former president Jesse Trump- may also be taken out. The changes arrive shortly before the US midterms when ever a spike during disinformation is predicted. These concerns were definitely fuelled by Mister Musk 's comments about Friday, which searched for to blame

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