Harley-Davidson X350 And X500

Harley Davidson's two bikes are going to be introduced soon but before that their features have been leaked. These bikes are X350 and X500. Both these bikes are being brought in the sporty segment and many new features are being included. Features of Davidson Motorcycles, know what features are going to be added before launch

Harley Davidson Bikes

A few years ago, Harley-Davidson joined hands with Hero MotoCorp to market and sell Harley Davidson motorcycles in India. At the same time, Hero also gets some technical features from Harley. There are already talks that Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson will together introduce a new range of affordable quarter-litre and middle-weight motorcycles in the country.

A new media report claims that Hero MotoCorp recently showcased some of its upcoming motorcycles to select individuals including some dealers. These included two bikes, one of which was a cruiser bike without any badging or branding. The motorcycle is similar to the Harley-Davidson 338R, which is expected to be launched from Harley-Davidson in select markets. A new report has claimed that the company wanted to know the reaction of the people on the styling and features of this cruiser bike. The second motorcycle was also an unbadged unit with aggressive styling and a single-cylinder engine with a host of features. Hero MotoCorp and the dealers discussed various price points and competitors. Harley Davidson bike maintenance tips.

An international media report has claimed that Harley-Davidson and Chinese automaker Qianjiang JV have received official government permission to start manufacturing bikes. These two motorcycles have received type approval, and are called the HD350 and the HD500. It has also been learned that the product models will be known as 'X350' and 'X500' motorcycle loan.

How will the engine be?

Harley's approval document reveals that the top speed of the 350cc bike will be around 143 kmph. The higher powered motorcycle, on the other hand, will be powered by a 500cc engine producing 47bhp and a top speed of around 160kmph. The Harley HD500 will get brakes and suspension similar to the Chinese bike.

Will compete with Royal Enfield

Both these bikes can compete with Royal Enfield motorcycles in India. In these, the X350 can compete with the 450 and the X500 can compete with the Bullet 650.

Harley-Davidson X350 Bike

Talking about the upcoming Harley-Davidson X350 bike, the brand is currently making the models in association with QJ Motor. Some time ago QJ Motor introduced a 300cc version model, which is now being brought with Harley Davidson. According to media reports, the upcoming model could be the X350 bike.

According to the leaked information, this bike will come with a 350cc engine, which will be capable of giving power of 35 to 36PS. At the same time, this bike can also give a mileage of 143 kmph. The bike is expected to come with a curb weight of 195kg.

Harley-Davidson X500 Bike

Talking about the other Harley-Davidson model, it could be the X500. It will be a big size bike, which will be much like the Royal Enfield Himalayan 650. It can be given a 500cc engine and this engine will be capable of generating 47.5PS of power and 46Nm of peak torque. Also, this bike can run with a mileage of 159kmp.

The twin-disc setup of the X500 is said to use conventional rotors and is expected to feature USD fork and monoshock apart from alloy wheels.

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