BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter

If you were also waiting for BMW CE 04 E-Scooter, then know here every small and big detail of the range, battery pack, braking system and features of this premium electric scooter.

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter

BMW Motorrad's electric scooter CE-04 is going to be launched in India soon. The company has already released the scooter. It is being said that this will be the most expensive electric scooter available in India. This e-scooter company has introduced in a very luxurious design. It comes with sporty look as well as design elements giving it a classic feel. The rear wheel is exposed and the graphics have been kept to a minimum which gives it a very attractive look. Its ex-showroom price is expected to be around Rs 20 lakh. It gets an 8.9 kWh battery and a range of up to 129 km is being told in a single charge. However, the company has not officially announced its launch date yet. bike maintenance tips.


BMW CE 04 Battery, Power

BMW CE 04 has 15 inch rear and front wheels. It comes with an 8.9kWh battery pack, which is connected to a liquid-cooled electric motor. This system produces at least 20bhp power for the scooter. The maximum power output of the motor is 42 hp and peak torque is 62Nm. It can accelerate from 0-50 kmph in 2.6 seconds and 0-100 kmph in 10 seconds. The top speed of the electric scooter is 120 kmph. Its lithium-ion battery pack offers a range of 129 km on a single charge, as per the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC) testing program.

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Speed

First of all, let's talk about the speed of BMW CE 04 electric scooter, then it can give a speed of 0 to 50 km per hour in just 2.6 seconds. Such a claim has been made by the company regarding this. In terms of top speed, it can reach a speed of 120 kmph. This e-scooter has a permanent magnet motor between the rear wheels and the battery. Its job is to give maximum power of 42 bhp. It generates peak torque of 62 Nm. motorcycle loan.

BMW-CE 04: Battery, range and charging time

BMW's first electric scooter packs an 8.9 kWh air-cooled lithium-ion battery pack. As per the WLTP test cycle, the CE-04 will deliver a riding range of 129KM on a single charge. The CE-04 can be charged from 0 to 100% in 4 hours and 20 minutes using a 2.3 kW charger. However, the 6.9 kW fast charger can fully charge the electric scooter in 1 hour 40 minutes.


BMW CE 04 Features

As mentioned earlier, it is a great designed scooter that comes with funky looks. It gets an LED headlamp with a small visor at the front. It has a single seat which is quite long in shape. Foot rests have also been given quite big. The scooter gets a 10.25 inch TFT display. In this, many types of information are visible to the rider during riding. Talking about its other features, it also supports features like Bluetooth support, traction control etc.

It has been given a floating panel and not much burden of graphics has been put in the design. Its rear wheel is exposed. Orange color highlights have been given in the body. The BMW CE 04 was first introduced as a concept in 2017 and its near production model was ready in 2020. After this, its final production-ready model was introduced in July 2021. Mass production is slated to start in late 2021 and finally, this year the electric scooter will be launched in the global market.

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Price

BMW's new electric scooter packs an 8.9kWh lithium-ion battery. It takes 4 hours 20 minutes for full charging. The company claims that it can run up to 130 km on a full charge. As for the price, it is priced at $11,795 (roughly Rs. 9.71 lakh) in the American market. The price in India has not yet been revealed.

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