Sharp Washing Machine ES S105DSS

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  • Product Code:ES S105DSS
  • Tk 31,700

Washing Machine
General Specification Type: Auto

Capacity: 10.5 KG

Weight: 37 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]: 580 x 1031 x 625

Sharp Washing Machine ES S105DSS

Sharp Washing Machine ES S105DSS is new innovative line of Sharp washing machines that’ll change the way you wash clothes forever. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient washing machine that’ll last a long long time, this might be your best option.

  • Hole-less Stainless

            Tub Water saving up to 40%, Detergent efficient, anti-mold.

  • Mega Mouth

            Easy to load and unload bulky things such as blankets.

  • Hygienic Washing

  • Softener Fragrance Maximizes Function

            Fragrance course addable to any program to maximize fragrance.

  • Auto Tub Cleaning

            Easy removal of black molds from both inside & outside the tub with less water.

  • Selectable Soak Timer for all program

            From 5 minutes to 24 hours, selectable soak timer.

  • 8 Basic Program

           Normal/ Jeans/ ECO/ Speedy/ Baby Care/ Delicate/ Blanket/ Tub Clean/ Damage Resistance.

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