Symphony started its journey in 2008 when there were rarely any other local players in the market. The strong communication needs of the people encouraged the brand to initially set foot in the market with bar phones. Smartphones were eventually introduced in 2012 and it was widely accepted and adapted by the mass population of the country. Symphony gave millions of users their first taste of smart devices and this advancement brought about a revolutionary transformation in education, trade & commerce, social networking and entertainment within and beyond the country.

Customer friendly Symphony is committed to providing quality products through dedicated technical experts in both Bangladesh and China. Symphony takes pride in its countrywide network of 44 customer care centers and 32 collection points that also happens to be the widest after-sales service network in the industry, ready to provide service round the clock

Towards new possibilities Symphony currently has its first assembling plant, a 57,000 sq. feet establishment at Ashulia, up and running already. Very recently, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has facilitated Symphony by allocating another six acres of land at Gazipur for setting up the second plant.

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