Akij Durdanto

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  • Tk 110,000

Bike price
Bike Price in bangladesh 110,000
Bike Price in india 96,000
Bike Engine Configuration
Engine Type Electric
Displacement 2500 W Power
Max Power 2500W
Max Torque N/A
Bike Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension 2.75-18
Rear Suspension 120/70-12
Bike Dimensions and Capacity
Width 105kg
Bike Electricals
Battery Capacity 72V 20AH
Bike Tyres and Brakes
Front Brake Disk
Rear Brake Disk

Akij Durdanto latest bike of Akij Launched in 2021, Akij Durdanto price in india Rs 96,000. There have no information about when it will be available in Bangladesh. But if is it possible to bring Akij Durdanto price in Bangladesh approximately 110,000 that's reason of Bangladesh government 70% tax put. Akij Durdanto come's with glittering configuration Maintenance Free Battery, Maximum top speed is 70-75km/h, Mileage 70 Km on a Single Charge. The Akij Durdanto is an electric motorcycle. This means that the bike’s power is not much. The bike is expected to pump out about power may not seem much, but the bike’s power and torque will be enough for the city. The bike is expected to have a range of about 50-60km. This allows it to be powerful enough for heights. The bike has a total power of about 2500W and has a battery that will charge in around 5-6hours. The Akij Durdanto comes with a dual disc brake setup. The front of the bike comes with a disc with axially mounted calipers. The front brake of the bike is expected to perform decently as the disc is quite big. The rear is a basic disc brake. The rear brake increases the braking profile of the bike. The turn off is the fact that the bike does not come with any CBS or ABS. At this price, a CBS would have done wonders to the bike. The Akij Durdanto comes with basic telescopic suspensions at the front and basic mono-shock at the rear. The telescopic forks will feel quite natural and simple on the bumpy roads of the city. The rear mono-shock will be very helpful to keep the bike stable while leaning. This suspension increases the sporty profile of the bike. The Akij Durdanto comes with a very unique tire setup. The front tire and rear tires are 2.75-18, and 120/70 respectively. The tire setup may not be the best setup out there, as this kind of tire setup as not been tested or tried out. However, for a bike with this power, it will be enough. The Akij Durdanto is a sporty bike that comes with full sporty ergonomics. The bike has a low seating position, which is good for any rider above the height of 5’3”. The bike has a widespread out seat with the bike also coming with a split pillion seat which gives the rider and the pillion some privacy. The bike also has grabrails unlike most sports bikes available in Bangladesh. The Akij Durdanto comes in three colors. They are: Black,Red,Green.

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