Top 5 Smartphone Brands 2018

smartphone brands

smartphone brands
With smartphones becoming very primary within the lives of the population’s majority, the industry has gone through an evolution in 2017, with competition becoming even stiffer. Smartphone designs have been revolutionized up to now few years, thereby shifting the fame rankings of extraordinary companies.

Therefore, we now have come to detect various aggressiveness in the way new smartphones are being launched for the market each other day. Under is a quick of the top 5 Smartphone brands on this planet in 2017 basing on the company valuation and revenue data.

Top 5 Smartphone Brands 2018


Xiaomi is one of the newest company but very popular now for it’s smartphone quality. Xiaomi was established in 2010 but has been able to penetrate the global market. Xiaomi has managed to set up itself as a drive to reckon in gigantic markets such as China and India and with a gigantic presence in Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, and Thailand amongst others.


That is simply one of the vital widespread and famous Smartphone manufacturers throughout the global. With a robust presence in about 40 international locations along with about a hundred distinctive retailer companies in about 15 countries, Apple sells reasonably more than 200 million units every year.


Its center of attention today is on Android driven smartphones, although it nonetheless designs and produces a colossal quantity of analog phones. Its Samsung Galaxy sequence is its signature company sequence today with most revenue discovered within this series. Samsung is reward in about a hundred international locations. Considering the fact that of absolutely the dominance and extensive portfolio, it is the prime Smartphone manufacturer out there.


Huawei has also not been left in the back of within the quest to claim a colossal piece of cake within the prime 10 Smartphone brands on the planet in 2017 compilation. A chinese fashioned corporation, Huawei is a market leader in phone apparatus and telephone brand on this planet.


With about 70,000 units being sold yearly, Lenovo is a subsidiary of Motorola that comes with a powerful financial backing for study and development. Lots of the manufacturer’s operations are curious about the design and manufacturing of the phones. Some of the product’s targeted selling points is the precise value proposition where the person is allowed the choice of phone customization based on their wants and requirements.