Google fight to remove the Bad adds


Search engine Google fight to remove the dangerous adds from automatically download apps . As the range of individuals accessing the net on phones and tablets grows daily. As will many advertisements that attempt to profit of users. To combat this problem, Google is removing bad ads and putt new filters in place to do to free the net of such advertisements.

In Google’s annual report on its effort to fight dangerous ads on its AdSense platform. The corporate expressed it’s seeing lots more of what it calls “self-clicking” mobile ads. What are self-clicking ads? If you’ve ever been scrolling through an internet page on your phone. You’re whisked off to the Play Store to transfer an app you’ve more nee heard of, a self-clicking ad is likely accountable.

In 2015, it only found and deleted a couple of thousand of those ads on the service. But in 2016, Google found and disabled over 23,000 of those self-clicking ads. This can be a large surge compare to what the corporate found in 2015. It proves that scammers are getting a lot of hip pushing their schemes to mobile internet devices. Google’s blog post didn’t provide any concrete reasons for the increase of these types of malicious ads.

Google removed 1.7 billion bad ads in last year 2016.

Nor did it provide any hints on how this huge increase may be curtail within the future. If you encounter this type of activity when you visit a mobile website, you’ll move to Google’s AdSense page to report a violation of its policies. Google can attempt to be proactive and trail these types of android mobile ads in the future before they are doing too much harm.


Google’s 2016 “bad ads” report as a full is well price reading if you’re curious about both the statistics of the web ads. That profaned the company’s policies and Google’s current efforts to induce end them. The corporate aforesaid that last year it removed 1.7 billion such ads. That is over double the number they did in 2015.

Google has swollen its AdSense policies to induce end ads with dishonorable offers. that has ads for day loans, that it started implementing in July 2016. Since then, Google aforesaid it got end over 5 million day loan ads on its network.

Another example of bad ads, which might hit each computer and mobile internet users. It is the “trick to click” add, that shows up wanting sort of a system warning. Yet is a manner for scammers to induce individuals to transfer malware. Google remove it got end 112 million of these types of ads in 2016, over six times the number it found in 2015.