Baybot Live360º Wireless Camera

Baybot Live360º Wireless Camera

Baybot Live360º wireless smart security camera has been unveiled in India. Baybot Live360º has an upgraded 360-degree camera with 3MP resolution, which provides all-day surveillance. The camera is capable of detecting speed and smart tracking, while on the other hand two -way contact with your smartphone is possible.

Baybot Live360º Wireless Camera

In India, the Baybot Live360º Wireless Wi-Fi smart security camera has been unveiled. A 360º, upgraded 3MP camera on the Baybot Live360º provides all-around monitoring throughout the day. While two-way communication is also possible with your smartphone, the camera is capable of smart tracking and motion detection.

Following the earlier release of the OpenAlert Smart Wireless Door Monitor in India last year, the Baybot Live360º camera was introduced. The camera can be configured to automatically monitor every aspect of your home and has a 360º rotating head. To concentrate on a particular area of your home or neighborhood, it can also be set to manual mode.

Up to 355º horizontally and 80º vertically, you can change the camera's angle and pan using the Baybot app. The camera's wide-angle lens offers a panoramic view of the surroundings, and the built-in microphone and speakers allow for two-way audio communication. When motion is noticed, the camera immediately alerts the user's smartphone. Additionally, a clip and screenshot of the object are recorded. The Live360º Wireless Wi-Fi camera also supports smart motion detection. It can automatically pan to keep the subject in the crosshair while recording and track moving objects like people or animals.

When the light dims and the infrared LEDs enable activity to be detected in total darkness, the night vision mode is turned on. The Baybot app is offered in Android and iOS app stores, and the camera supports Wi-Fi connectivity for live feeds to your phone. Alternately, up to 228GB of microSD storage can be used to store footage for two weeks. Additionally, Baybot is providing optional subscriptions for an unlimited amount of data stored in the Baybod Cloud Service.

Baybot Live360º Wireless Camera price in india

The Baybot Live360º wireless camera comes with the camera, a USB cable with adaptor, screws, wall plugs, and ceiling/ wall mount brackets in addition to the user manual. The product is priced at Rs. and Baybot is providing a one-year warranty on it. 2, 299($ 28). The item can be purchased directly from Flipkart or the official website of Baybot India and includes a mounting plate for simple installation.

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