Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment

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Beauty Formulas Clear Skin on the Spot Treatment's exfoliating peppermint formula removes dead skin cells.

Apply directly to spots blemishes as they appear in the morning and at night


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The only pimple clearing (drying actually) product that I have used till date is the Garnier Pimple Control Pen. It did the job decently in cooling the affected area and drying it in a few days. However, since I have painful kind of big acne sometimes, which pops out on slight touch, creating a small wound, the Garnier treatment stung like hell on application, so much so that my eyes watered with pain, and it lasted for about 5 minutes. Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment is a gel, which has to be applied directly on the pimple through tube. It smells heavily of mint, very refreshing and cool, however, this one provides a bit lesser cooling than the Garnier one. Also, the biggest plus point that I felt, was that it did not sting at all when I applied it.

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