how much price SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S8 FE

Display coming
Camera coming
Storage not yet
Processor not yet
Battery not yet

The expected date of a commodity to be sold or marketed by SAMSUNG company

The commodity is a fundamental product. On the other hand , a finished product is the item that is sold to customers. SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S8 FE Latest Smartphone to SAMSUNG, they are declared this attractive mobile phone was launching going on. Not yet. We are usually planning globally to offer off not yet.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S8 FE price in Bangladesh

The SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S8 FE When the sale will start in Bangladesh buy mobile  don't know, but we are expected very soon launched in Bangladesh. in this time we are declared Bangladesh price. We're declared price of Bangladesh. I have not yet taka to the price of bd. [ suspicion ]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE price in Togo

in togo very much famous on SAMSUNG mobile phone , reasonable price decided SAMSUNG authority. As a result, this mobile is within everyone's purchasing power. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE  price in usd not yet $.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE price in Qatar

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE authority decided reasonable price about SAMSUNG Qatar phone. This phone portable is everyone 's purchasing power. Tariff of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE in US Dollar not yet.


The SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S8 FE features a coming camera setup around the trunk from it, with coming mp primary camera. A rear view camera with autofocus. It has a single front camera that is.

On the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S8 FE, Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE to come with an LCD, stylus support

Geekbench results from a Samsung SM-X506B tablet (codenamed "Birdie") were discovered in September. There was speculation at the time that this was the new FE slate – something leakster Roland Quandt has now confirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE will have an LCD display similar to its predecessor (presumably the Tab S8, Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra have AMOLED displays) with a larger LCD display.

Also like its predecessor, the Tab S8 FE will have native stylus support using a Wacom digitizer.

From the Geekbench leak we know that the tablet will be powered by MediaTek's Kompanio 900T chipset - a 6nm chip with 2x Cortex-A78 (at 2.4GHz, although the benchmark reports 2.6GHz) + 6x A55 (2.0GHz) and a MaliG6 MC4. It's comparable to the Dimension 900, packing an integrated 5G modem.

This aligns with early reports, which claim that the SM-X506B will be the 5G version of the Galaxy Ta S8 FE. There will also be a Wi-Fi only version, expected to carry the model number SM-X500.

The slate runs Android 13 at the time of testing, which should include the latest One UI 5 version. That particular unit had 4GB of RAM, which is also the base capacity of the Tab S7 FE.

We don't know the price of the new slate yet, but the FE models cost less than the base Tab S of the given generation. The Tab S7 FE, for example, launched at €650 for the Wi-Fi only unit, while the Tab S8 costs €750.

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