Remax Bluetooth Earphone RB-T15

  • Brand: Remax
  • Product Code: RB-T15
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  • Price: ৳ 1,450

Key Features

45° rotation ear cap

Talk time: up to 5hrs

Battery: 55mAh/3.7V


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Impedance 16±15%Ω
Model RB-T15
Sensitivity Sensitivity: 110±3DB;
Battery Talk time: up to 5hrs; Standby time: 140 hrs Charger time: 2 hrs; Working voltage: 3.7V Battery: 55mAh (rechargeable lithium battery)
Type ABS & Vacuum plating & Rubber paint
Voltage Charging voltage: 5V;
Connectivity Bluetooth: V4.1+EDR
Feature 45° rotation ear cap

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