Infinix 260W wired and 110W wireless charging

Infinix 260W wired and 110W wireless charging

Infinix has announced its fastest charging technology for rapid wired as well as wireless charging. The company has made a new record by unleashing ultra rapid 260W wired and 110W wireless charging.

Infinix 260W wired and 110W wireless charging

As smartphone charging technologies advance, brands continue to push the boundaries. With the most recent GT 3 smartphone, Realme recently unveiled its ground-breaking 240W charging technology. Infinix has today unveiled its new 260W wired and 110W wireless charging technology, elevating the situation. Additionally, the business has stated that an upcoming Infinix Note smartphone will feature the new charging solution this year. Here are the specifics.

The 260W wired charging solution, according to the manufacturer, can fully charge a battery in just 8 minutes and from 0 to 25% in as little as one minute. A single 12C battery with a four-pump circuit design is used in the new technology to determine power needs and allocate the number of charge pumps appropriately. A 4, 400 mAh battery used in the test was able to maintain 90% of its initial capacity after 1, 000 cycles, and the charging efficiency is said to be 98.5%.

To achieve high power density and small size, the charging technology uses an adaptor that makes use of both GaN material and AHB circuit infrastructure. To ensure lightning-fast 260W charging, the cable is also specially made to carry a current of up to 13A.

We typically don't see wireless charging going higher than 50W, so Infinix's 110W solution is also quite impressive. Custom-made, small, sensitive coils with a variety of architectures are used in this charging solution's technology. Lower internal resistance results from the presence of fewer but wider coils in the same area. As a result, less heat is produced by the phone when it is charging.

The new standard supports reverse charging, bypass charges, and multi-protocol charging in addition to wired and wireless charging. Other protocols, such as Power Delivery 3.0, are compatible with it.

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