Ikea is now targeting Netatmo with the Vindstyrka smart air quality monitor. Device arriving in Ikea stores in April that can help combat air pollution in your home. After tackling Philips Hue with new lighting options, Ikea is ready to compete with Netatmo and Eve with its own smart air quality monitor.


Human beings spend most of their time indoors, and indoor air quality is more important to health. In addition to IKEA air purifiers and air quality sensors, IKEA recently launched Vindstyrka’s smart air quality sensor, which has a super cute appearance and can detect the temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and tVOC values ​​of the indoor environment and display them on the screen. In addition, it can also be used with App to control smart home appliances.

IKEA launched Vindstyrka, a smart air quality sensor with a super-Q appearance: it can detect indoor ambient temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and tVOC

Indoor air can be just as polluted as it is outside, but many people tend to underestimate the risk of air pollution in their homes. In addition to using an air purifier to purify the air quality in the house, I want to check the temperature, humidity, PM2.5 (suspended particulate matter less than 2.5 microns) and tVOC (volatile organic compounds) of the environment at any time indoors. Now IKEA has launched this A Vindstyrka (meaning: wind power in Swedish) smart air quality sensor can make it easier for users to grasp the current air quality and other data.

IKEA's head of product Henrik Telander said that with VINDSTYRKA, IKEA's ambition is to build an affordable and high-performance air quality sensor to help users be more aware of the quality of the air they breathe in their homes.

IKEA VINDSTYRKA Smart Air Quality Sensor adopts a simple appearance design, and is equipped with a large screen on the side of the fuselage to display temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and tVOC. In addition to being used alone, it can also be used with DIRIGERA hub devices compatible with the Matter connection specification. Therefore, users can transfer the air quality data obtained in IKEA VINDSTYRKA to other smart home appliances that are also compatible with the Matter connection specification, not only limited to products launched by IKEA.

When connected to DIRIGERA, you can view environmental data such as air quality in the IKEA Home smart App. In the App, users can also enable VINDSTYRKA to trigger other smart home appliances. For example, when VINDSTYRKA detects poor air quality, it can automatically turn on the Starkvind air purifier launched by IKEA to improve indoor air quality, and even adjust the fan speed of the air purifier based on environmental data.


Even though the VINDSTYRKA smart air quality sensor is not expected to be sold in the global market until April 2023, IKEA has not officially announced the price of this product, but it is speculated that it should be more affordable than similar products on the market .

However, in fact, IKEA also has a VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor with a lower price and simpler functions in Taiwan. Although this product has more functions and lacks accurate numerical display, users can display the air quality through the indicator light on the body. , green light means good, yellow means fair, red means poor, the price is only NT$399.

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