how to earn money by mobile in bangladesh

how to earn money by mobile in bangladesh

App Uber Driving
App Pathao Driving
App bKash
App iFarmer
App Sheba Bondhu

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how to make money in Uber Driving

Join Uber as a driver. With the new Uber driver app, you can turn your leisure time into revenue. A more intelligent method to generate money through Uber apps. You can make between 20,000 and 30,000 Taka per month if you are a safe driver and manage your time well.
Some people do it as a side hustle. Many people earn more money by driving additional miles. It is another top-earning application in Bangladesh. You can also use Food panda & Sheba Delivery apps just like this as a delivery driver.

uber driving app download here

How to make money Pathao Driving

Do you own a motorcycle? Turn your passion for motorcycles or cycling into a source of income! You can earn as much as you need and work whenever you want on Bangladesh's highest-earning platform. Download one of the greatest Android money-making apps and register by supplying the required documentation.

phathao driving app download here

Assist individuals in traveling or receiving deliveries throughout the city (Dhaka). It does not have set working hours. With pathao, you are your boss. This application is one of the most lucrative apps in Bangladesh.

How to make money in bikash

bKash is the most popular digital wallet in Bangladesh. Almost every internet user is familiar with bKash. However, did you know that bKash allows you to earn money? Yes, bKash has launched a referral program in which you can earn up to 20 TK for each referral.
And the best thing is that the referred person will also receive a bonus of 20 TK. It's a win-win situation. To participate in the bKash referral program, you must first download the bKash mobile application.
After logging into your bKash account using the app, click the 'bKash icon' in the upper right-hand corner. There will be a 'Refer a Friend' option available. Simply click on the 'Refer a Friend' button and you'll be sent to the referral page.

How to make money iFarmer:

iFarmer was founded to be the most prominent financiers for farmers, merchants, and businesses. Its mission is to meaningfully enrich the lives of food producers. They enable farmers to sell their products at competitive prices by eliminating the need for a middleman between the farmer and the consumer. They leverage technology to identify the optimal market for fresh produce, provide meaningful feedback to farmers, and identify the optimal market for agricultural products.
How can iFarmer be used to earn money? It's straightforward. Complete this form to acquire products from farmers. They have a few enterprises that adhere to Shariah. You get to farm their businesses in exchange for a part of the profits generated when they sell their products. Additionally, you may use the program to manage and inspect your virtual farm remotely!
Due to the farmers' ongoing feedback on how to enhance their product, you are certain to profit handsomely from your investments in these micro, small, and medium-sized firms. You can either withdraw or reinvest the profit from your investment.

How to make money Sheba Bondhu

Sheba Bondhu is an initiative of, the largest online day to day service provider of Bangladesh. It’s mainly an Android app that lets you make money by referring others to Sheba’s services.

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