Honor Movie Glasses

Honor Movie Glasses

Honor's latest video glasses are marketed as a portable cinema because the Movie Glasses are designed to simulate a 201-inch screen and surround sound. For use, the video glasses can be conveniently connected to a smartphone via a USB-C cable.

Honor Movie Glasses

The Honor Movie Glasses are said to offer the largest screen area of all video glasses on the market, because the compact glasses are intended to convey the image impression of a 201-inch cinema screen from a distance of six meters at a viewing angle of 46 degrees, or a 130-inch Smart TV from a distance of four meters. The resolution is 49 pixels per degree (PPD).

The micro-OLED panel achieves a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels per eye. These specs are the same as the Nreal Air (around $1,130 on Amazon), with Honor's model hitting a higher peak brightness of 500 nits. 108 percent of the sRGB color space can be displayed, the frame rate is 60 Hz. Honor installs two microphone arrays and 360-degree speakers that enable virtual surround sound.

To use the video glasses, they must be connected to a compatible smartphone via a USB-C cable. At least with the newer Honor smartphones, it is not only possible to watch films, it is also possible to display several apps side by side. The USB-C port must support at least USB 3.0 and 5 Watt Power Delivery. The video glasses also support 3D head tracking through motion sensors.

Honor Movie Glasses Prices and Availability

The Honor Movie Glasses are available in China at a price of 2,499 yuan (approx. 338 euros), Honor has not yet confirmed whether a launch in Europe is planned. More details about the video glasses are available on Honor's website.

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