Hitachi airHome Series ACs

Hitachi airHome Series ACs

Johnson Controls- Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd. has unveiled a new line of air conditioners. The Hitachi airHome line of air conditioners has a history of design innovation and excellence. The ice clean feature of the new Hitachi airHome series air conditioners eliminates mold, bacteria, viruses, and dust. They also feature frost wash technology.

Hitachi airHome Series ACs

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Hitachi Air Conditioner India Limited has announced the launch of its air -conditioning air conditioner. The company's innovative products and designs, which are the world -renowned prize products, have announced the world -wide release.

Hitachi Air Home Series With FRost Wash Technology

The air conditioner of the Air Home Series has a Fost Wash Technology and its ice cleaning. Which saves 5% power. Eliminates bacteria, viruses, dust. Expendable inverter ACs adjust to their compressor's RPM surrounded circumstances and load requirements. Which provides better work capacity than the other non -tropical inverter AC. It also keeps the house cool by serving around the 20 meter strong air flow.

Hitachi's New ambience light ac

Hitachi's first ambience light allows AC customers to select only one environment-cool blue (8-20 degrees Celsius), comfortable green (20-25 degrees Celsius), and warm red (25-12 degrees Celsius). Also let Air Cloud Home users control their AC from distant locations through smart phones, digital devices, or voice assistants. It has 3 alcohol - cooling, heating, dai, fan, wardrobe and auto.

Comfortable smooth and functional remote

There is an artistic curve to improve the aesthetics of remote control, as well as the Night Gloo button for iconic web design and better visibility, colorful buttons for access and up to 5 meters of work with 5.5 degrees Celsius accuracy control.

Its unique sign blade design reduces the sound of air cutting. And provides the volume of the maximum wind. Provides silent coolness throughout the whole ram. Its filter clean display reminds the users to clean up regular intervals. And gives a strong coolness. Finally, the speed of 5 fan re -defines the convenient cooling for modern fans. Models in Hitachi's new Air Home Series are available on Star White with 1TTTTTR, 1.5TR, 2TR, and UV paint. It provides innovation throughout the year.

Hitachi Air Home Series Price

Hitachi AC (window) has fixed the initial price for 2021, which can be found at e-commerce portral and large retail stores. A network company has been formed to provide pre-selling and sales answer services.

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