Fiido C21 Pro and C22 Pro

Fiido C21 Pro and C22 Pro

Fiido C21 Pro and C22 Pro

The bikes Fiido C21 Pro and C22 Pro e-bikes are now available. The new Fiido e-bikes have a centrally mounted display as well as some rugged features like gravel tires. Additionally, the new bikes have a remote unlocking system. The C22 Pro adopts a step-over frame design, as opposed to the C21 Pro's walk-through frame.

The brand-new Fiido e-bikes have a 250W rear hub motor with an S200 torque sensor and can travel at 32 km/ h. The Fildo C21 and C22 have an 80 km range. The models' frames are gray and green, respectively. The M080 from Mivice is the rear hub motor in both models.

The front fork of the C21/ C22 Pro is made of a 17.5 kg aluminum alloy frame. On gravel roads, the wheels of the 700C can move with ease. Additionally, they have a 9-speed derailleur gear with optional backup batteries.

The centrally mounted and IP67-rated IPS back-lit displays on the Fiido C21/ C22 Pro models are standard. The two models were the first to be released that are compatible with the Fiido Watch. The Fildo Watch allows the user to use the watch to unlock a pair of C21/ C22 Pro.

The watch costs$ 100, but Fiido is providing some incentives for buyers of the$ 1,599 e-bikes. In addition to a free Fildo Watch offer until April 10, the bikes can be purchased for$ 200. At a later time, the standard C21/ C22 models will be priced at$ 999.

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