Feiyu Pocket 3 cordless detachable

Feiyu Pocket 3 cordless detachable

Feiyu Pocket 3 cordless detachable

On Kickstarter, the Feiyu Pocket 3 cordless detachable gimbal camera has been made available for crowdfunding. The wireless gimbal camera produces 4K 60fps videos and has a 3-axis stabilizer. It can easily attach to a variety of surfaces because it is magnetic. The Pocket 3 can be controlled by its companion smartphone app and has quick AI tracking follow.

The first detachable cordless gimbal camera in history is the Feiyu Pocket 3. It is yet another delightful product from Feiyu Tech, a business known for producing top-notch cameras and accessories. One of the first producers of stabilizers and gimbals is this company. Additionally, it was a pioneer in the development of gimbal technology. In 2013, it introduced the G3, its first three-axis handheld gimbal.

Feiyu Tech has maintained a dominant market position in the global GoPro handheld gimbal market in recent years. According to current projections, its market share could reach 70%. Additionally, it and Apple have previously collaborated successfully to release the G4 Pro smartphone gimbal. The camera is small, practical, and adaptable. Its detachable handle enables it to be turned into a versatile mountable and portable camera. The camera can be used with the Feiyu Cam app, and the gimbal is easily detachable from its remote control handle. The gimbal can be attached to a number of products thanks to its magnetic architecture.

When viewed on a larger screen, the gimbal camera produces 4K 60fps videos that are crystal clear and stunning. The camera's's higher frame rate capability enables it to record objects that move quickly. The 12MP Sony IMX577 image sensor with a 4X digital zoom serves as the gimbal's's camera.

The project will only be funded if it reaches its target of$ 5, 000 by May 6, 2023, according to the Kickstarter information sheet. However, the campaign has already gone above and beyond the mark, with pledges totaling more than$ 726, 000 as of April 13. However, the device's's Kickstarter launch price will increase by April 14. Customers of Feiyu can rest assured that the gimbal camera will be accessible anywhere in the world and that deliveries will go quickly. Additionally, the gimbal camera has a one-year warranty.

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