Fairphone Fairbuds XL over-ear wireless headphones

Fairphone Fairbuds XL over-ear wireless headphones

Fairphone Fairbuds XL over-ear wireless headphones

A fresh leak regarding the Fairphone Fairbuds XL headphones suggests that the buds will soon be released. The Fairphone Fairbuds XL is expected to make its European debut, and the leak includes the device's's price. The Fairphone Fairbuds XL is constructed from environmentally friendly components.

The Fairbuds XL has a similar design to the Fairphone 4 with black and green color options and is made of recyclable materials. According to rumors, the Fairbuds XL will include accessories like a battery and drivers with replacement components. Through the use of its electronic waste, Fairphone hopes to lessen its carbon footprint. In the market for wireless and audio accessories, it is a cutting-edge strategy.

The Fairphone Fairbuds XL's's repairability rating is still unknown. However, it is anticipated that it will provide a variety of replacement accessories, including its battery, drivers, and other essential parts. Although the earcups on the headphones can be removed, this may not significantly increase their repairability. The Fairphone Fairbuds XL is anticipated to include support for active noise cancellation.

Although there are two physical buttons on the earbuds, their function is still unknown. Additionally, it is unknown if the earbuds will have media controls and volume controls that are gesture-based.

Although the Fairbuds XL's's exact release date is currently unknown, the new information may portend an upcoming release of the headphones. The Fairbuds XL's's Europe launch price is€ 249( 272), and it is already listed on some online retailers. On the Fairphone Fairbuds XL, there are still a few details missing, but as its release approaches, we can expect more from the company.

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