Elemake Keypad Deadbolt Smart Door Lock

Elemake Keypad Deadbolt Smart Door Lock

The entire package is surprisingly compact, and it contains a variety of accessories to assist users with installation issues. All you have to do is ensure that each and every section of the user manual is complete.

Elemake Keypad Deadbolt Smart Door Lock

We are moving away from physical mechanical locks and keys in favor of biometric keys and electronic locks at this time. However, it is clear that most people will need some time to adjust to the revolution, especially those who are accustomed to conventional lock-picking methods. Let's's first agree that the mechanical keys are required, but they are unquestionably the last thing we want. The Elemake Keypad Deadbolt Smart Door lock is a great choice that we strongly advise because it might be the one that will require the least amount of training and adaptation for your transition to the age of electronic locks.

What’s Inside & Design

The entire package is surprisingly compact, and it contains a variety of accessories to assist users with installation issues. All you have to do is ensure that each and every section of the user manual is complete. The Parts Illustrations and the Assembly Drawing on Page 3 make it simple to check them all. Two keys with suction cups for removing the Key Hole Lid on the Outside Escutcheon are included in the component pack, along with a door position sensor, two more RF cards, and several screws. It also comes with the gasket, mounting bracket, bolt, strike plate. There are two color options for the door lock: black and silver. They are both well-built and primarily made of solid zinc alloy.

The exterior Escutcheon's's Trivex anti-aging touch panel is a clever design that supports IP65 waterproofing and prevents fading from exposure to sunlight. Trivex's's products have been routinely tested for more than ten years, so there is evidence that they can be used outside for years without experiencing aging problems.

Easy Installation

However, let me be clear before I purchase the Smart Lock: regardless of left or right opening, it fits most common residential doors with a backset of 2- 3/ 4 inches or 2-4 inches, and thickness ranging from 1 to 7/ 8 inches. In essence, it works with all types of metal and wooden doors.

Even for someone who has never installed any door locks, the assembly is fairly simple. Users can even click the link to a thorough installation video for instructions. The official video served as a guide for the entire assembly as it was conducted. The good news is that the video was very helpful, and installing the lock is simple enough for even one adult.

Pay close attention to the first step to ensure that the bolt's's backset is adjusted to fit the door( 2- 3/ 8'') or(- 3/ 4').

There is an "up" mark on the bolt to assist you in installing it in the proper direction. The outside escutcheon's's spindle should then be turned vertically, inserted through the backset, and fitted into the door hole( 2- 1/ 8 "diameter), where the cord must also pass through and go under the bolt. and leave the other slot for connection with the included door position sensor while connecting it to one slot of the interior escutcheon.

Then simply place the inside escutcheon in the proper location and secure the door on both sides.

4-in-1 Unlocking Experience

Passwords, RF cards, keyed, and Bluetooth remote access are all supported by the 4 in 1 entry smart door lock, which covers the majority of situations as well as the standard access for various users. There are 2 metal keys and 2 RF cards included for those who are accustomed to traditional keyed access or card access. Password entrance is a great choice if you prefer keyless access. Last but not least, when all you need is a smartphone that connects via Bluetooth or just the internet, internet remote access is the most adaptable and intelligent method.

You can connect the smart lock to a separate WiFi-gate module to enable remote internet operation. This module is smarter in design than the majority of WiFi built-in models to increase the battery life of the intelligent lock. With the help of a WiFi signal and the door lock, it can be set up anywhere where it is accessible for wireless connections. Thanks to the Smart Life App, setting up the phone operation is simple.

Follow the setup instructions to add the wireless gateway and the door lock after downloading and installing the app from the App Store( iOS devices) or Play Store on Android devices. You can view unlocking records, monitor entrance, add passwords, include and capture RF cards, directly tap to remote unlock, check the door state and battery life, and so forth.

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