Dongfeng Nano Box

Dongfeng Nano Box

Dongfeng EV announced the official launch of three new models of the small pure electric SUV known as the Dongfeng Nano Box in China. A new platform for small electric vehicles is currently being developed by the Nano Box, a business division of the Dongfeng Group that focuses on small, pure electric cars.

Dongfeng Nano Box

the car's original model, and the electric version, known as the Renault City K-ZE. Dongfeng- Renault manufactures this vehicle in China, which was sold as the Dacia Spring in Europe. Other versions are also produced by Dongfeng's own brands and sub-brands, including the Venucia e30, the Aeolus EX1, and the Nano Box. They are all produced in the same facility.

The Nano Box is cylindrical in shape, measuring 3732/1579/1515mm with a 2423mm wheelbase. The front of the car is where the charging port is. The Nano Box's interior features a two-color design that is comparable to its exterior. A 7-inch instrument panel and a 10 inch central control screen are standard features of the vehicle. The car is connected to an app that offers features like remote door and air conditioning control, charging management, positioning/ car search, and vehicle condition inquiry/ diagnosis. The material used for the seat is faux leather.

A front motor that powers the Nano Box produces 33 kW and 125 Nm. According to Dongfeng, the car's official acceleration time of 0 to 50 km/ h is 6 seconds. The battery has a 201 km CLTC pure electric cruising range and is made of lithium iron phosphate from CATL. The other two models support fast charging, which only takes 0.53 hours to complete a full charge, while the entry-level model only supports slow charging.

Dongfeng Nano Box price usa

Dongfeng EV intends to introduce 3 to 5 new models, including SUVs and sedans, over the course of the next 5 years. The three new models' price ranges are 59, 700, 64, and 700 RMB( 8, 800- 96, 00 USD), making them an affordable electric SUV option for Chinese consumers.

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