DJI RS 3 Mini

DJI RS 3 Mini

A compact, cheaper, but professional stabilizer. That's the new DJI RS 3 Mini. And for those who are in this industry or simply want to capture the best possible footage, it can be a key accessory.

DJI RS 3 Mini

With a smaller and lighter body, DJI RS 3 Mini inherits the excellent stabilization performance of the RS 3 series, giving users greater shooting potential in professional content creation while traveling or on the go.

In addition, weighing less than 800 g, the stabilizer can withstand loads weighing up to 2 kg, is equipped with Bluetooth shutter control, a third-generation stabilization algorithm, the ability to select between landscape and portrait modes and a 1.4-inch color touchscreen display.

“Since the debut of the Ronin series, born for professional videomaking, DJI has constantly worked to bring world-class technology to an ever-growing number of content creators. DJI RS 3 Mini bears witness to DJI's core value in offering innovative stabilization technology to all those who like to condense their moments into a photo or video. Now, anyone with a mirrorless camera will be able to experience the same industry-leading technology used on film sets and studios around the world,” says Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI.

A perfect tool for mirrorless owners

DJI RS 3 Mini adopts a compact and portable all-in-one design (only 795g), and is approximately 50% lighter than RS 3 Pro and 40% lighter than RS 3. This makes the device much easier to carry and allows you to achieve superb results even when used with one hand. It can also be easily stored in a shoulder bag and its weight makes it perfect for travel and long-duration outdoor shooting.

Capable of carrying a weight of up to 2 kg, DJI RS 3 Mini supports a wide range of combinations of lenses and mirrorless cameras (list of compatible devices can be consulted on the manufacturer's website URL).

A powerful motor ensures captured footage remains stable even when the zoom reaches its maximum focal length, without having to re-balance.

To meet the demands of today's vertical video production, the RS 3 Mini features a newly developed dual-layer quick release plate. By attaching the quick release plate to the vertical arm, vertical shooting can be achieved without the need for additional accessories, and the rotation angle of the stabilizer will not be limited compared to the traditional vertical mode. Video content for social media can therefore be shot very easily.

The RS 3 Mini also features a top plate with a new curved positioning guide, which prevents the camera from rotating and loosening.

DJI's Generation III stabilization algorithm, also featured in the RS 3 Pro, has been utilized in the RS 3 Mini to deliver high-quality performance, whether the user is running, shooting from low angles or in flashlight mode. Content stability during shooting is guaranteed, and professional-level image stabilization can be achieved regardless of user experience.

When users are circling human subjects, RS 3 Mini will achieve ultra-smooth camera movements. Users won't have to pay too much attention to pace and footwork, as the RS 3 Mini can constantly track subjects and switch between high and low angles for an even more diverse shooting range. Dynamic images with 360° rotation offer strong visual impact and captivating footage.

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