Coca Cola Phone

Coca Cola Phone

Coca-Cola Phone

The famous cool drink company Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola) is ready to dominate the smartphone segment from the cool drink bottles. Coca-Cola will enter the smartphone market with its own phone. Coca-Cola is one of the most popular preferred brands. It has been the undisputed king of the market for decades. But, now the brand is planning to expand to other areas as well. According to the leaks, the smartphone will be launched in the Indian market in March 2023.

Popular tipster Mukul Sharma first shared the report that Coca-Cola will enter the smartphone market. A photo of the upcoming device has been shared. The dual cameras are shown to have a red accent. The brand represents the iconic red color. He captioned this photo, 'This Coca-Cola phone is expected to be launched in the Indian market this quarter. Coca-Cola is working with the smartphone brand for this new phone. Sharma did not reveal the name of the brand behind the Coca-Cola-themed smartphone launched in the Indian market.

Coca-Cola phone launching in India soon

The Coca-Cola company is primarily known for its beverage production. However, it is known that technology is not about products. However, it is not uncommon for companies to enter new markets. Mobile phone industry is profitable. That is why they are showing interest in the smartphone market. Represents a typical Realme design. The design of the smartphone is similar to Realme 10 Pro 4G. The phone has a dual phone camera sensor at the back along with an LED flash. The back panel of the phone has a banner similar to the Coca-Cola drink.

The tipster did not reveal the specs of the Coca-Cola phone. It is likely to target the budget and mid-range segments of the market. Coca-Cola is a popular and trusted brand in the Indian market. High-end smartphone buyers may not be able to offer the same level of products. This is not the first time a non-tech company has entered the smartphone market. Mainly being a gaming company, Razer also brought Fairphone products into the market. Both these companies have introduced smartphones with mixed success. Now, in a similar vein, Coca-Cola is also looking to try its luck in the smartphone space.

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