ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine

The All-In-One Smart Tea Machine The world’s first tea machine that brews any Tea, Matcha and authentic Chai with richer taste and 30% more antioxidants at the push of a button.

ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine

The ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The brand-new smart tea-making device supports mobile app control and has a self-cleaning mode. Up to six cups of tea can be made at once using loose tea bags or tea leaves in the new ChaiBot tea maker. Using the companion mobile application, you can change the settings to deliver your preferred beverage whenever you want.

BrewConcepts manufactures the ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine, which provides a variety of fresh tea brew options( tea bags, tea leaves, and other ingredients). Additionally, macha and milky chai teas with a guaranteed consistent flavor can be made using it. Additionally, more than 39% more antioxidants are produced during the production of tea.

ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine  official video and first look

The Smart Tea Machine produces tea up to four times more quickly than a kettle, which is impressive. Additionally, the device has a two-hour shelf life for your tea. The brewing process, according to Brewconcepts, is efficient and can be automated. The dimensions of the ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine are 310 x 172 x 366mm and it weighs 4.5kg.

ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine Launch date

ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine LAUNCH 2023, March 11

ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine price

A pledge of$ 185 is needed for the Indiegogo campaign, which is 26% less expensive than it was originally. The device will be sold globally, but March 2023 is when the first deliveries are anticipated.

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