BYD Watch

BYD Watch

A BYD smartwatch patent with alcohol detection capabilities has reportedly been approved, according to reports in the Chinese media. The approval of the nation's intellectual property office is a crucial step in the smartwatch 'development.

BYD Watch

The BYD smartwatch patent's design summary demonstrates that it can detect alcohol consumption in addition to other health sensors. 

These include monitoring blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate.

Since 2021, there have been rumors that a BYD smartwatch is being developed. In 2021, it unveiled a smartwatch with the BYD logo that could unlock e-bikes. Smart ignition, smart locking, comfortable entry, and opening the car's tailgate were among its features. However, the watch was never sold, and BYD has been silent about it.

The new patent suggests that the smartwatch's layout will be straightforward. It resembles the Apple Watch in some ways and joins a growing trend for automakers to equip their vehicles with companion smartwatches. To provide a variety of services, these smartwatches can be paired with the car's app.

It is anticipated that the new smartwatch will work with BYD vehicles. The release of the BYD smartwatch with alcohol detection has not been officially announced, nor is there a release date.

According to reports, a future release of the BYD smartwatch patent with an alcohol detection feature is possible. Although alcohol intake detection is a new technology, BYD continues to record impressive numbers. On the market, there are various levels of accuracy for alcohol detection smartwatches. Some have sensors, while others have blowpipes for greater accuracy. The impact of alcohol on a driver's system while driving can be disastrous. Hence BYD's patent is important.

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