mobile network in Bangladesh

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mobile network in Bangladesh

Everyday people do many things through mobile phones  makes our life easier, The network is among the most configurable of this mobile phone, Today this modern world is seeing many of its role behind the mobile network

We have published the smartphone full specification and price in Bangladesh of any mobile phone to you before, buy mobile blogger is happy to also provide you with its own country-based frequency band directory. It's not operator-specific and it's helpful if you are choosing a handset to use in your home country or if you are making sure your phone will work in the country you are heading to.
The frequency of Bangladesh is now available below

2G capabilities GSM 900, GSM 1800

3G capabilities UMTS 2100

4G capabilities  LTE 900, LTE 1800, LTE 2100

2G network: 

2G means  (second generation cellular technology) , first introduced in 1992, 2G systems were significantly more efficient on the spectrum enabling far greater wireless penetration levels, 2G networks first offer data services and SMS text messaging, but their data transfer rates are very poor.

3G Network: 

3g means  (Third generation cellular technology) , first introduced in 1998, It was first available in May 2001, offering faster data transfer rates and are the first to enable video calls,

4G Network: 

4g means  (Fourth Generation Cellular Technology) , first introduced in 2011, The high data transfer rates make 4G networks suitable for use in USB wireless modems for laptops and even home internet access. 4g network Bangladesh introduced in 2018

Difference Between 3g and 4g

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