Apple Watch With Micro-LED Display

Apple Watch With Micro-LED Display

Apple Watch Ultra 2

On 2014, Apple acquired a organization related to microLED research called LuxVue and Apple has reportedly meant for years operated research and check production facilities in Santa Albúmina, California, and Taiwan.

The first Apple product to get microLED could be the Apple Watch Ultra– the company's large- finish sports watch. In least if we are to believe analyst Jeff Pu coming from Hong Kong investment firm Haitong International Securities that has in the past properly predicted developments associated with Apple but also gotten this wrong a number of occasions.

He claims that Apple Watch Ultra is likely to change from OLED to a bigger 2. 1- inch microLED display in 2024, according to a report by Macrumors who also has obtained Jeff Pu's study note.

To be clear, microLED differs from the miniLED backlight used in many LCD Televisions today. With microLED the FLAT SCREEN panel is removed and every of the tiny microLED- pixels generate their own light and color– like OLED.

For Apple, who is currently working diligently to switch from LCD to OLED across its product categories, this would be a significant transition. Starting in 2024, OLED displays are anticipated to replace Apple Watch and iPhone products as well as iPad and Mac products.

The display of the Apple Watch Ultra could become even brighter thanks to microLED, which would be advantageous for outdoor use. At extremely high brightness levels, microLEDs can also maintain color saturation.

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