Anker 737 MagGo Charger

Anker 737 MagGo Charger

The Anker 737 MagGo Charger 360° adjustable viewing angle is one of its most notable features. Users can easily read texts or watch videos while their phone is charging in portrait or landscape mode thanks to this. All of your Apple devices have a place on the charger, keeping them organized and charged in one location.

Anker 737 MagGo Charger

Apple devices are compatible with the newly released Anker 737 MagGo Charger. The brand-new MagGo Charger is a three-in-one device that can simultaneously charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods. An iPhone can be charged using the device's wireless charging pad at 15W. The most recent iPhone models, such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, are compatible with it.

An iPhone 14 Pro Max can be charged from 0 to 50% using the Anker 737 MagGo charger in 47 minutes. The triangular device has three charging ports. An Apple Watch charging port and a MagSafe wireless charging pad are located on the front, and the wireless AirPod charging station is located in the middle. You can set your phone either vertically or horizontally thanks to the device's adjustable stand. The integrated MultiProtect Safety System with temperature control and foreign object detection ensures the safety of your devices.

The charger works with both older models of the iPhone 12 and devices. It weighs just 386g and is a portable, lightweight, and practical charging station. It is equipped with a 30W USB Type-C charger and measures 4.2 by 4.5 x 3.9 inches. The charging accessory also comes with a 5 foot long USB to USB-C cable. In the US, the Anker 737 MagGo Charger is being sold for$ 139.95 at launch. The Anker 737's initial retail price was$ 155.50, and it is currently offered on Amazon and the anker store.

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