70Mai 4K Driving Recorder

70Mai 4K Driving Recorder

The 70mai smart recorder A810, which is equipped with the industry's most powerful flagship sensor, the Sony IMX 678, was released in May, according to a statement from the company.

70Mai 4K Driving Recorder

In recent years, driving recorders have gained popularity, especially in Asia, where they are frequently used for security and insurance. When it comes to dashboard cameras, Xiaomi's ecological chain company 70Mai is well-known. After introducing the Dash Cam Omni on Kickstarter, the company just recently unveiled it for the North American market. The business has just announced that it will introduce a brand-new driving recorder in May that will have an original feature.

The 70mai 4K driving recorder A810 is anticipated to be the first in the market to utilize the Sony IMX678 sensor, according to the teaser. Compared to the previous flagship IMX415 sensor, this is a significant improvement. The new sensor promises to provide better night vision capabilities thanks to a larger target surface chip and an increased photosensitive area.

Additionally, the A810 will have Sony STARVIS 2 image sensing technology, which has been improved in terms of sensitivity, noise suppression, near-infrared light absorption rate, and high dynamic range. The end result is a noticeable improvement in shooting functionality, especially in settings like high-speed sports.

Additionally, the A810 is compatible with Sony's high-definition image color solution, Mai Color System, and Sony. The system improves the night picture's clarity, contrast, and fineness. Additionally, it precisely fixes frames and stops image blurring, especially when taking dynamic pictures.

In May, the 70mai 4K driving recorder A810 will be accessible, and the market is anticipated to welcome it with open arms.

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