History of HTC Phones

HTC Phones

HTC Phones
HTC Phones company founded in May 15,1997. The headquarters of this company is Xindian District, New Taipei City, Republic of China. High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) starts the journey as an design and equipment manufacturer such as tablets and mobile phones. After that this company making their mobile based on windows mobile and Brew. The CEO of this company is Cher Mi Wang. This strong women is the daughter of one of the richest people of Taiwan.

This mobile company is created the first Microsoft-powered smartphone in 2002 and created the first Microsoft 3G phone in 2005. After that in 2007 HTC acquired the smartphone  device company Dopod International. HTC launched HTC Evo 4G In June 2010. This is the first 4G-capable phone in the United States. After that the company announced that this company would started selling smartphones in China with partnership china mobile.

Work with Luxgen Company:

In 2011, HTC starting working with Luxgen company. Luxgen vehicles company are engineered to ‘Think Ahead’ for their own drivers. Armed with advanced level technology that designed by Taiwan’s global smartphone leader HTC, Luxgen vehicles are equipped with a suite of advanced features to preempt way conditions and potential hazards. All Luxgen vehicles feature a state of the art onboard computer system, dubbed the ‘Think+’, which, for the first time ever, combines HTC smart technology and Windows CE Automotive interface.

In 16 february,2011 at ‘Mobile World Congress’ HTC got the respect named “Device Manufacturer of the Year” from GSM Association. Also this year this company reach the market value surpassed than Nokia mobile phone company. Then HTC get third position of highly valued smartphone-maker in the world.

In 2013, HTC only accounted for 9.3% of the United States smartphone market. After that HTC launched its smartphones in other country Burma and which will come with the world’s most advanced Burmese language on-screen keyboard in January 14.

Now HTC Phones is one of the popular and fastest growing brand in the world. From the start it gives many good product and all product are carefully created for their customer. From 1997 till now it hold it’s position.


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