Step 1: Copy of your Proof of Purchase (POP);

Step 2:  Copy of your warranty paper;

Step 3: Please include the battery and back cover. 

DO NOT SEND your SIM and memory cards.

Note: Please be aware that during the repair process your device will be reprogrammed with the newest software. This means that in most situations your data will be lost. Please backup and save any personal information that you have stored in your device.


Same procedure as above but you can select Out of Warranty Option. A repair quote will be provided after reviewing the device. 


This LIMITED WARRANTY will be voided if any of the following conditions occur: 

  • Non-compliance with the instructions for use or installation, or with technical and safety standards applicable in the geographical area where your phone is used;
  • Connection of the device to any equipment not supplied or not recommended by ALCATEL onetouch;
  • Modification or repair performed by individuals not authorized by ALCATEL onetouch or its affiliates;
  • Changes to the device operating system by the user or third party applications;
  • Acts of god such as inclement weather, lightning, power surges, fire, humidity, infiltration of liquids or foods, chemical products, download of files, crash, high voltage, corrosion, oxidation;
  • Removal or altering of the device’s event labels or serial numbers (IMEI);
  • Damage from exposure to water or other liquids, moisture, humidity, excessive temperatures or extreme environmental conditions, sand, excess dust and any condition outside the operating guidelines;
  • Rooted devices;
  • Damage as result of physical abuse regardless of cause.